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Thread: 1500 Spear Army

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    1500 Spear Army

    Just a fun list I was kicking around in my head last night, waiting for sleep. I saw a box of Spears on sale for 50% off at my local store so I started thinking what I could do with them. I really love close combat armies and Shining Spears as well. I see their killing potential, it just needs to be supported properly. I attempted to do that with this list.


    Autarch - 140
    w/ Jetbike, Laser Lance, Fusion Gun, Mandiblasters

    Farseer - 170
    w/ Jetbike, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Fortune, Mind War

    5x Warlocks - 271
    w/ Jetbikes, 2x Singing Spears, Embolden, Enhance, 2x Destructor

    Fast Attack

    5x Shining Spears - 227
    w/ exarch, Withdraw, Star Lance

    5x Shining Spears - 227
    w/ exarch, Withdraw, Star Lance


    3x Guardian Jetbikes - 129
    w/ Warlock, Embolden, Singing Spear, Shuriken Cannon

    3x Guardian Jetbikes - 129
    w/ Warlock, Embolden, Singing Spear, Shuriken Cannon

    3x Guardian Jetbikes - 129
    w/ Warlock, Embolden, Singing Spear, Shuriken Cannon

    3x Guardian Jetbikes - 66

    Totals - 1488 Points, 32 Models, 7 Units, 4 Scoring

    Undoubtedly, I will probably be fielding the most mobile force. 12" standard moves, up to 24" turbo on everyone and assault moves for getting to cover should really help me out. Strategy is pretty simple; get in CC! Also, the army should get better in the future with Codex updates as most of the units are considered overpriced/broken.

    Spears/Autarch: If it's a tough army with a lot of good saves, I am going to team up the Spears and attempt to wipe units in one assault phase (two if I'm lucky, leaving one or two mobs to "hide" in CC with). On the charge, I would be bringing 21 Str 6 power weapon attacks with a WS 4 and I 5 minimum, with another 6 Str 8 attacks at WS 5 and I 6. I can't think of much which is going to survive that and still be capable of giving me a lot of punishment back with a few exceptions (Avatar, Bloodthirster, large Termie squads). However, if I happen to find a unit like that, I can still soften them up with some lance shooting heading into the assault. In an emergency, they can pop a 12 AV tank with the Autarch's Fusion Gun and the Exarchs Str 8 Lances somewhat reliably and anything less than that regularly.

    Seer Council: The Seer council would go where they are needed, either soaking up Powerweapon wounds or holding up a unit to allow my Spears to charge the next turn. Depending on the makeup of the opponent, I might even use them as a screen for the shooting phase, though it would be a risky proposition. The Farseer would be using Mindwar on hidden Powerfists/Powerweapons for most of the game, reducing the danger in CC to the army or heavy weapons in shooty armies. Also, this is my primary tank busting unit, with two SS (potentially more) and enough Str 9 attacks to hopefully pop any tank in one round, leaving the contents chargeable by my spears.

    Guardians: Objective grabbing for the most part. I left them with some capability to destroy tanks by giving the locks SS and ShuriCannons for rear armor for emergencies. With their speed, I would hopefully be able to target rear armor on anything and just avoid LR, leaving them for my Council. They could also provide screens, giving cover saves to the Spears or harrass enemy units with their ShuriCannons and assault jumps.

    I see a couple flaws with this list, though they may be unavoidable. Some things that would really give me some trouble:

    1.) Extremely tough killing machines like the Bloodthirster and the Avatar could really hurt me. If they managed to charge my Spears, they are probably going to kill at least 3 of them, maybe even a full unit in one round.

    2.) I would say the army is vunerable until they get into CC with the three main units. While this would be done by turn 2 in most cases, a full round of shooting, even with a fortuned cover save, would probably really be painful. An army heavy on barrage weapons is probably going to demolish me. Also, gunlines are deadly, but then, that is the problem with ALL Eldar armies right?

    Other than those two (albeit major) flaws, I really like this list. It is really geared towards taking on Mech Armies and elite armies, but should manage well against horde at 1500 level, due to the flamer templates and the hit and run ability on the main players. I left the 12 points to play with, allowing me upgrade the last Jetbike squad with a ShuriCannon, upgrade to Destructor on two of the Jetbike squads, or add more Singing Spears/another Destructor to the Seer council. I feel like the list could compete well at the 1500 level, assuming I am not shot up the first turn. Anything higher and it is probably not going to work. With the prevalence of Mech Armies, almost every unit has tank busting ability to one degree or another and all of them should be able to get to rear armor every time. I can't see many LR at the 1500 level, maybe one or two. With more, they are sinking half their points into 3 models, which my Council has a solid chance of busting open every turn. In fact, the more LR the better for this army.

    I also thought of an alternate list that would substitute the Jetbike council for Eldrad and a few Warlocks in a fully souped up Waveserpent. This would give the army more killing power from the psychic powers (Mind War x 2?) and a big draw to enemy fire in the first round with the Waveserpent. Not to mention allowing me to redeploy up to half my army!

    Anyway, enough talk from me. Thoughts?

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    To be more effective play at 1000/1250 points

    Looks funny....not effective but real fun...just like close combat eldar army i made it some time ago..second turn i charged and if i won combat i won th game, if not i`m tabled ...was loling hard each game i used it.
    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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