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    1750 Mech on a budget!

    Like it says, Mech on a budget with Fuegan!

    HQ - 648
    Farseer - Mind War, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding
    4x Warlocks - 2x Destructor, Enhance, Embolden, 1x Singing Spear

    Fuegan is getting a lot of support here. I am going to test out his utility for a while. 4 Str 5 MC attacks get the council out of CC quicker. Firepike and Meltabombs ensure they destroy 12+AV. Fortuned 2+ save combined with FNP absorb stupid amounts of Bolter/Lasgun shots when they are out in the open.

    Farseer is going to support Fuegan by Mindwarring Powerweapons/Heavy Weapons. Destructors help with horde problems. Sadly, no "cheap" wounds in this unit, but I can tweak it if needs be. This unit won't be the tradition "grind em down" Seer council. They have the ability to fight MC and small squads on their own, but will be used in concert with the Shining Spears to break units quickly.

    Whole group rides in the Falcon. I know a lot will say "Put them in a Serpent", but at range, a Falcon is almost just as reliable as a Waveserpent and they will disembark before getting into melta range. The Falcon will deploy them quickly and then focus on Elites/HQ.

    Troops - 692
    3x Guardian Bikes - Shuriken Cannon
    3x Guardian Bikes - Shuriken Cannon
    9x Dire Avengers - Exarch, Bladestorm, 2x Cats
    10x Storm Guardians - Warlock, Destructor, 2x flamers
    Waveserpent - Twin Brightlances
    Waveserpent - Twin Brightlances

    Guardian Bike squads are to give me more troop units mostly. 152 points isn't enough to get a solid scoring unit on the table, so two quick scoring units will suffice. They can stay in reserve when it suits me and score at the end of games. If they are on earlier, they will harrass light AV units like Walkers/Skimmers or weaker horde units like IG/Gaunts.

    Avengers and Storm Guardians will work together to eliminate large infantry units. If I am playing a MEQ force, they will go for Heavy Weapons, Scouts (if anyone still uses them) and vanilla Tactical Squads if they exist. Warlock also has Singing Spear for Rhinos and the like.

    Waveserpents are given the expensive BL upgrade. I like the idea of arming my transports to do the opposite of the squad they are with and this way, every unit in my army has some limited tank busting ability.

    Fast Attack - 227
    5x Shining Spears - Exarch, Withdraw, Star Lance

    Assist my HQ if it gets bogged down in CC with 2+ save units, charge small elite units, take out heavy weapons, shoot/assault weak rear armor and countercharge assault units who threaten my troops. These guys have a myriad of roles they can fill. I expect them to draw a lot of fire as well.

    Heavy Support - 335
    Falcon - Holofields, Shuriken Cannon
    3x War Walkers with Scatter Lasers

    Falcon transports HQ, duties up above.

    I was unsure about the War Walkers. I originally created a 1500 list and added the second unit of Jetbikes and these guys to do it. Reason being, I was hoping to use the Battleforce as my basis for an army. Regardless, everyone knows what SL War Walkers do! Targets are just about anything outside of AV 12+. Probably work with the Jetbikes mostly.

    Total - 1753 (I'll figure out how to drop the 3 points later)
    43 models, 4 scoring units

    I was going for something a bit different with this list. It seems Eldar only really use Fire Dragons and Dire Avengers in Serpents and Councils. Trying to avoid doing either of those to a high degree while still mainting competitiveness. At the same time, I don't want to spend $1000 making an army. I have been toying around with actually taking the plunge, and if I can do this for $500 or so, I will do it!

    My plan: 3 Battleforces will run me $210 or so. That gives me my 3 Walkers, 3 Waveserpents and the Dire Avengers. I will probably try and sell one of the guardian units for like $10 or whatever I can get, which has me at $200. The Farseer, 5 Warlocks, Fuegan and the Falcon will run me another $100 or so. Spears are $60ish for the five which also gets me another Jetbike. This is where I run into a dilemma. I really like the Storm Guard unit in here and want to include it, but actually MAKING the unit is going to be either really expensive ($60+ for two boxes!) or a pain in the butt. Then the Jetbikes. I don't like the models that much. I love the bikes, but I would much rather have the newer looking Guardians flying them. Tough conversions?

    Anyway, I was looking at a Jetbike list a few days ago, but this one is fun too. Thanks for the input!

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    If you use mighty ebay you`ll make a better list while you keep costs even cheaper. On other notes guardians can be make avengers,,,just buy heads or high elves archer feathers.

    In the rest try to keep a theme. like mech (full serpents/ dragons/ many cheap troops lots of firepower from serpents and falcons) or jetbiking (which includes vypers/prisms and serpents).

    PS. Spears are expensive in that setup...the box contains 4 of them ...and i still use them only for fluffy games
    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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    Get doom on that farseer.

    Those bikes and shining spears are going to take all the antiinfantry firepower the enemy has. I would probably get dire avengers with another wave serpent. And almost enough pts for a fireprism.

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