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    It has been a while 1750 Tau

    Shas 'el: Tl-MP, Positional Relay - 83

    Shas'O - PR, TLFl, HWMT, HWDC + 1SD, BK, Stims -299
    Shas'Vre - TLPR, Fl, HWMT, HWDC + 1SD
    Shas'Vre - TLPR, Fl, HWMT

    1x Crisis: Burst Cannon, Missile Pod and Multitracker - 167
    1x Crisis Tl: AFP, Missile Pod, TA, HWMultitracker and HWDC + 2 Shield Drones

    2x Crisis: TL Missile Pod, BSF -92

    3x Stealth: Shas'Ui Team Leader, Bonding Knife, ML, HWTL, HWDC + 2 Marker Drones - 150

    6 Firewarriors - 190
    Devilfish, Fletchettes, DPod, SMS, TA, MT

    6 Firewarriors - 190
    Devilfish, Fletchettes, DPod, SMS, TA, MT

    10 Kroot + 5 Hounds - 100

    Heavy Support:
    Hammerhead, Railgun, Burst Cannons, DPod, MT, TL - 170

    Hammerhead, Railgun, Burst Cannons, DPod, MT, TL - 170


    Comments are criticism are appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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    First off, Your army is illegal. We are only allowed 3 Elite slots, and you have four...unless the AFP/MP is with the BC/MP
    Please clear that up.

    Also, I don't think that you need the 'O commander. If you look through this site you will find many articles on why 'El commanders are just as good for less. Also, I would recommend not putting Flamers in an HQ squad. It is getting a valuable commander within assault range of the enemy, and you can do better w/ a squad of TLFl/MP battlesuits as an Elite, and for less!

    I don't personally use stealth units that much, but if they work for you, go ahead! I would get rid of the ML and HWTL on the team leader though, it is kind of a waste.

    I would recommend dropping the SMS on the DFs, and maybe even the Flechettes. The main use of DFs is to have a basic FW squad in them to make them scoring, so they should be taking objectives after the objectives have been cleared of enemies, not taking out the enemies themselves, as they are rather weak (IMO).

    I might get rid of the TLs on the HHs, but again it all depends on how you use them

    try to get more battlesuits for less, and get some piranhas and/or pathfinders.

    Also, you might want to check out some (if not all) of the stickied posts up top to find out more.

    Remember, with the Tau, the goal is to maximize effectiveness while keeping it cheap! We can spend so much on some of our suits and tanks that we can easily have a unit that is really expensive points-wise, yet doesn't do much damage on the battlefield.
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