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    2500 Eldar battle vs orks

    Hi, I have a game tomorrow vs a mixed horde mechanised ork list which will include Thrakka, Boyz, Trukks, Looted Tank, killer kanz, battlewagon, Dread & a few buggies.

    We have had a previous agreement to include at least one special character. The battle will be spearhead on a 8 x 6 ft board with seize the objectives mission types

    My list is

    Eldrad 210
    Karandras 215
    10 Scorps 160
    2 x 10 DA with Exch 354
    5 jetbikes w warlock destructor 145
    10 Spiders w Exch deathspinner 252
    7 Hawks w Exch skyleap & talon 184
    2 Vypers w SL 120
    3 warwalkers w EML & SL 195
    2 Prisms (HF,VE& SS) 360
    2 Serpants (VE, SS & EML) 300

    Total 2495

    Tactic is have serpants with DA take objectives with infiltrated scorps moving forwards. Walkers in reserve to flank later on and prisms to artillary strike horde, other units will be used in typical ways

    Thoughts please?

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    why hawks?...and eml on warwalkers?
    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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