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    1000 Points Competitive Eldar

    1000 Points Eldar


    10 Striking Scorpions
    Exarch /w scorpion’s claw
    Wave Serpent

    10 Dire Avengers
    Exarch /w power weapon, shimmershield

    10 Guardians

    Fast Attack

    Heavy Support
    Fire Prism

    4 Dark Reapers

    A lean, mean, fighting machine. Who takes upgrades when they could instead have a random vyper flying around?

    What I've noticed about most 40k players is that they divide their armies into "things that shoot" and "things that move". The great thing about "things that move" is they will always be looking for something to move towards. Spread some guardians around your avatar and hey presto, here they come in the right direction. I wish I had more guardians but most of them have been smashed into a million pieces and I just can't raise another squad of 10, maybe increase the size of the current one?

    To support my fake core I've got a unit of either Striking Scorpions or Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent (gone with scorpions for now). I like Fire Dragons though as if you can guess your 12" well enough they can hide behind the Wave Serpent and shoot without getting charged. I am not a fan of Banshees, Scorpions can kill marines nearly as well and actually win against everything else.

    Fire Prism and Vyper are there to help saturate anti-tank fire (off of the serpent and avatar) and the Dark Reapers are easily my favourite eldar unit. Most tables tend to have one piece of really heavy cover on each side (like a building or a trench) and Reapers occupy these whilst killing close to their points worth each turn. They're also a part of the fake core, if you sit your Guardians and Avatar in front of them then it creates the illusion that your opponent should charge in that direction as though he has a chance of charging dark reapers.

    Another option is to give the Serpent to the Avengers and sit the Scorpions next to the Avatar, or turn the Scorpions into another Avenger squad. Could also cut the vyper, a dark reaper and a few scorpions for another lean avenger squad.

    My favourite tactic used to be a Jetbike Farseer "Assassin" with Mind War and a Singing Spear. He could use his independent character status to hide behind vehicles (even if they shot down the vehicle he was now out of sight behind the wreckage) and spend the whole game killing high value targets. Unfortunately it seems 5th ed has killed that.

    Check out my Codex: Farmyard Animals here!

    If anyone wants any kind of help writing fluff for any kind of GW army just ask.

    Anzac Clan

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    troops on foot, no mobile melta (no the avatar don`t count), 1 serpent, 1 prism so low at target environment for your enemy..1 troop is prone to run away to any sign of trouble and have the life span expentancy of a grot.....is not competitive at all
    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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    +1 to everything niraco has said, you'll have problems versus comptetitive lists

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