Ok... so I am pretty new to crons and 40k in general. here is a list i have made up for a firepower based army. with a few "speed bumps." Please Advise as necesary.
  • HQ: Necon Lord'
    • Res Orb, GoF
  • Elites: 6 x Immortals
168 points
  • Troops: 10 x Warriors
  • Troops: 10 x Warriors
360 points
  • Fast Attack: 4 x Destroyers
  • Fast Attack: 7 x Scaranbs w/ D. Fields
312 Points

I feel like this could be a good beginning list...but feel free to let me know any changes you would make. ill only have 1 Lord, 20 warriors, 6 immortals (4 of which have been converted from warriors), 7 Scarabs, and 4 Destroyers. i feel that this is the best i can do with the units i have. Opinions?