So I would like some help from other players if this is a viable army list or not. I'm not to worried if you destory it or not, just want some imput. I usually try to balance my Close Combat and shooting in my army lists, (though I always tend to lead to close combat, I love my little guys eating everything!) I wanted to make a shooty army list just to see if I could win with it. My opponent is probably going to be a space wolves mechanized. I'm thinking he's going to have about 2 rhinos/ razorbacks and probably either a Predator or a Long Fangs for heavy, maybe both.

My list:

2-Tyranid Primes with Bone Swords and Devourers - 180pts

8-Tyranid Warriors with Scything Talons and Devourers - 240pts (split into two groups)

6-Hive Guard with Impaler Cannon - 300pts (split into 3 groups)

40-Termagants with fleshborer - 200pts (split into 4 gorups)
also 2 Mycetic Spores - 80pts =1000pts

My plan is to have the primes with the warriors as a base of fire moving and shooting as tyranids do best with a small screen of termagants. Hive Guard will also be moving (hopefully through cover) and taking down all his little transports so his wolves will have to walk, and therefor be shot by warriors. Now the tricky part is what to do with those little Long Fangs and their 5 heavy weapon toting butts. This is where the termagants in a spore pod come in. I was thinking of just droping them behind the fangs and throwing a little dakka their way. I got two because relying on one is stupid and if both come in around turn 2-3 so much the better.

So thats my list, thats my plan. Butcher it as you see fit!