Hello fellow Hive Minds,

I have been playing with number of different lists over the years. Traditionally I like to play lists that resemble what's in the Tyranid fluff (a couple big guys with a lot of little guys). This direction has always caused me some trouble when I face rhinos and tanks who can speed along, deploy special teams, and turn my big guys into mush in one/two rounds of shooting. I'm a fan of mass chaos of blood and guts but, by the time I get to the enemy's line; their armor vehicles is still up and what's left of my army is usually in the early stages of being cleaned off board.

Below is a list of everthing I've got. I'm open to any radical ideas on what might be fun to try to generate some better results. The local gaming club I play at uses army sizes: 500, 750, 1000, and 1500.

1 Flyrant - modeled with 2 scything talons
2 Carnifexes - Both magnatized and can proxy as Tervigons or something else
2 Zoanthropes - I modeled one to look more like a DoM
3 Hive Guard
9 Warriors - 7 Deathspitters, 1 Venom Cannon, 1 Barbstrangler
4 Raveners
32 Genestealers
1 Brood Lord
24 Termagaunts - Fleshborers
16 Devilgaunts - Devourers
48 Hormagaunts
8 Rippers
1 Biovore

Thanks guys!