I came up with this list with the idea that the components would work together synergisticly to hit combat at the same time. I do not have any experience playing as nids, but I have read a bunch of forums since I am interested in picking up another army.

Does anyone think this list would be competitive? I mostly play against full mech(Sisters, CSM, or Dark Eldar) or SM biker armies. I expect to once in a long while (once or twice per year) take on a mech ork army or full jump pack multi-DC blood angels army.

Hive Tyrant- Wings, TL Devourer x 2, Adrenal, Regen, Old Adv., Paroxym & Psychic Scream

Hive Guard x 2
Hive Guard x 2
Zoanthrope x 2
-Mycetic Spore

Hormaguants (adrenal + toxin) x 17
Hormaguants (adrenal + toxin) x 17

Gargoyles (toxin) x 15
Gargoyles (toxin) x 15

Trygon Prime - Adrenal & Regen.

1500pts exactly!

My plan is to basically have the gargoyles up front mixed with the squads of hive guards(and prime if terrain thick enough). Behind that the Hormaguants and Hive tyrant.

The whole cluster moves rapidly forward like a fist, running around the slow hive guard who are hopefully using there 30" range (6"move + 24" shot no LOS) to pop rhinos. If terrain does not permit the Prime to start topside, he ds's into the back field along with zoas (who will be podding) to wreck things like land-speeders, landraiders,and pesky oblits. Ultimately,I feel like putting the prime right out front with provide a fire magnet which might not be too bad (with regen) as long as there is cover enough for him to avoid shooting from the entire army.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!!!