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    1000 points ork horde

    After a long time i have finaly finishing painting this army!!! took a long time and looks great on the tabletop. Anyway this is what i plan on running:

    Warboss =100
    power klaw
    eavy armour
    cbork body

    Ork boyz x20 =160
    nob w power klaw and bosspole

    Ork boyz x20 =160
    nob w power klaw and bosspole

    ork boyz x20 =150
    nob w big choppa and bosspole
    big shoota x2

    Grots x10 =40

    Nobz x5 =275
    Cbork body x5
    power klaw x2
    big choppa
    waaagh banner

    Zzap gunz x3 =115
    Extra crew x2
    amo runt x3

    total =1,000 points


    The two mobs of slugga boyz aim to always go and kill stuff as well as absorbing shots etc.

    Shoota mob will sit on objectives in the middle of the board.

    grots are purely there for objective holding. Killpoint games they will advance behind some orks giving cover and hopefully denying an easy killpoint.

    Zzap gunz target transports for orks to assault.

    Warboss and nobz aim to be shoved in the middle of the board to go flat out first turn. This will obviously be shot (a lot) and hopefully ramshackle wil help getting even closer.

    Overall i believe a fairly balanced list which should be able to cope with most armies out there. Comments and advice would be greatly appreciated

    Nothing more funny than 3 inquisitors with sanctify when facing deamons. They cant do anything while you stand in front of them having a tee break.

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    In my opinion if you have a Nob in a Boyz squad, he should generally have a PK, even in shoota squads. Orks are excellent in assualt, even with shootas. (And by excellent I mean better than at shooting). Run the grots in a line in front of your boyz for the nice 4+ save, and rush the enemy. All in all it's a decent list, but I see it being a problem if that trukk gets blown up too early (IE you have the second turn.)

    Might be a good idea to just make the Nob trukk a Boyz trukk with 11 Boyz and throw your Boss in with them, this will save points and let you add more Orks to your footsloggin orks squads, which might make them strong enough to cross a 4' table. Just a thought.
    Lord Dnigh
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