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    1500 list that needs critique

    lord Archon 60
    Antaganiser 20
    Poisoned blades 5
    Splinter pistol 5
    Combat drugs 25
    Tormentor helm 15
    Vexantrope 10
    Shadow field 25
    Archangel of pain 5
    Terrorfex 5
    Incubix6 150
    Incubi master 18
    Mask of the dammed 15
    Combat drugs 25
    Animus vitae 15
    Total: 406
    Harmonculus x3 75
    Scissorhandx2 10
    Stinger x3 15
    Destrutor 15
    Total: 115
    Grotesques x10 150
    Warp beast pack (warp beasts x5, beasmasterX1) 75
    warrior x20 160
    Dark lance x2 20
    Total 180
    Raider squad x10 80
    RAIDER 55
    Disentagrator 5
    Night shield 15
    Horror fex 5
    Sarabite 6
    Webway portal 50
    Tormentor helm 5
    Combat drugs 25
    Poisned blades 5
    Total: 256
    Reaver jetbike x5 125
    Ravager 105
    Disentagrator x3 15
    Total 120
    Talos 100
    GRAND TOTAL: 1499

    I apoligise if its not in format, I didnt get it XD

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    OUCH, my eyes hurt trying to read this. It would be good to not copy paste the list as it is now into your browser.
    This said let's move on to the critique on your list.
    General: Tormentor helm only costs 5 points and is only usefull if you are using a two-handed weapon like a punisher. In all other cases it does nothing.

    HQ: I think you have overloaded a bit on this part, sure we have the coolest lords ever but I wouldn't put that many items on them. You need a raider for your lord ASAP. Drop all the items but the Shadow Field and Animus Vitae on your lord. Combat drugs is nasty on your Incubi Master but most people see him as too expensive to buy in the first place...
    I personally think this lord and retinue is enough but you could add one Haemy to lead your grotesques.

    Speaking of which, the grotesques aren't the most performing unit around, for now. But I like their fluff so I can see why you want to add one. I would consider to make the squad a little smaler and put it in a raider together with the Haemy.
    Warp beasts, well, they are not worth it if you don't have a webway: they simply don't survive. I see you have a Webway but more on that later.

    Troops: it seems better to me to split up you Warrior squad in two 'sniper' squads: 10 warriors with 2 Dark Lances (DL's)
    Your raider squad seems like all your money in one bag: it has to deliver the webway with the support of your Heavy support. Which means you are willing to start with 2 skimmers and one walker on the board. If you can't hide them from the enemy this means they have to take all your opponents shooting one turn... if it works, you have some sick units walking out that webway but if it fails...

    Oh, yes, there is the squad of Reaver JBs, they lack any punch because in CC they don't have any power weapons and they have no blasters. Better would be to take 3 RJB's with 2 blasters.

    In general I think your list can be fun with a little modifications: give your opponent more targets to worry about by toning down the number of special items and splitting the warriors. If you need objectives you have lost the game up front: you only have 2 troop units...
    Basically you have too many "nice and shiny" stuff in a low points game. As I said before: this might work if you are able to deliver the webway but I'm afraid this wont happen enough and your games will be very fast over...

    BTW: what was your basic strategy with this list?

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