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Thread: 1850 Tournament

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    1850 Tournament

    There's an 1850 tournament this weekend that will be filled with Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Tyranids with the random Vanilla Marines, Tau, and I think an IG player. How do you think this list would do?

    Swarmlord - 280
    Tyrant Guard - Lash Whips - 65

    2x Hive Guard - 100
    2x Hive Guard - 100
    2x Zoanthrope - 120

    7x Genestealers - Toxin Sacs - 119
    7x Genestealers - Toxin Sacs - 119
    10x Termagants - 50
    Tervigon - Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst - 195

    4x Shrikes - Dual Boneswords, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands - 220

    Trygon - Adrenal Glands - 210
    Trygon - Adrenal Glands - 210

    Total: 1788

    I have 62 points to play with and I'm not entirely sure where to put them. I'm thinking I have a few options: Spore Pod for Zoeys, double Regen on Trygons or Tervigon, or buff up Genestealer or Termagant squads. I could also find somewhere to trim points and use the trimmed points combined with the 62 extra to do something.

    I know the Shrikes are kind of iffy to most people but they've done beautifully for me plenty of times. They are wonderful at clearing out Marines, Monstrous Creatures, and pretty much anything else relying on armor and toughness to save them. I've found that combining both Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands allows them to go after anything I need them to. Charging at I5 means Marines and Trygons don't get to strike back and poison on S5 is a big threat to pretty much all infantry in the game and good enough to cause wounds on anything T6 or better.

    I think the Swarmlord's capabilities will really come into play with this list. Between Tervigon and Swarmlord buffs/debuffs, even Termagants can become a major threat on the charge.

    I want to keep the Swarmlord and Shrikes because I love my conversions for them and want to show them off.

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    Erm... honestly... really badly...

    Theres no choesion or synergy in the list, its the epitomy of a grab bag and that just doesnt work with Nids. Im gonna go through one by one here.

    Swarmlord has no place in this list. Yes youve got a tervigon (which is the only time you ever want the swarmlord, to buff tervigon lists) but hes only got a brood of 10 guants. Even buffed to the max, 10 guants wont do jack. The swarmlord is a huge points sink that isnt performing well at all.

    Zoanthropes: Why are they footslogging? If you slog them, they need A) a prime body guard and b) a 3rd member. Buy them a Pod!

    Genestealers: not enough and toxin sacs is a total waste. 2 broods is overkill. Create 1 brood of 10, with a broodlord.

    Guants/tervigon: why are there not 30 of these? Your setting up a buff list, without any threats to buff.

    Shrikes: dont need toxin sacs. Theyre expensive as is, but thats overkill. Adrenal glands by all means, toxins, no.

    On the whole, you need to change this list A LOT to make it work, with the swarmlord and the shrikes left in.

    This is a rough guide to the sorta list you want to run if you want shrikes and the swarmlord.

    Swarmlord W/ 1 TG

    3 x 3 hive guard

    30 guants

    tervigon with adrenal, toxin and catalyst

    30 guants

    tervigon with adrenal toxin and catalyst

    Harpy with TL HVC

    harpy with TL HVC

    Obviously i missed the shrikes, but you can just drop a harpy to get them in. You may also want to drop some hive guard for thropes, i prefer not to.

    Thats about the best list i can make with Swarmlord AND shrikes though

    P.S i think this runs a just under 2000 so its about right on points.
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