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    1750 Competitive Nids

    Right I've got a 1750 tournament coming up in October and have decided to take everyones favorite space bugs. I've tried to make a relatively competitive list, while avoiding multiple Tervigons.

    Hive Tyrant
    2x Scything Talons
    Hive Commander
    2 Tyrant Guards with Lash Whips 325

    2 Hive Guard 100

    1 Hive Guard 50

    2 Zoanthropes
    Mycetic Spore 160

    20 Termagants 100

    20 Termagants 100

    15 Genestealers
    Toxin Sacs 255

    15 Genestealers
    Toxin Sacs 255

    Adrenal Glands
    Toxin Sacs 195

    Adrenal Glands 210

    All C&C welcome

    "Mount up, grab your enchanted hitty thing and get in there." -40kenthusiast

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    Im slightly worried you think a competitive list for nids has multiple tervigons... i took second at the 40konline tournie with no defeats or tervigons, so they sure as hell arnt compulsory....

    Anyway to the list.... okay at first glance knowhere near enough anti tank. 3 hive guard and 2 thropes? Nah not gonna cut it.

    Broods of 15 genestealers is too many, drop them to 10, lose the toxin sacs and put in a broodlord. Im also not sold on having 2 broods but... Your guants are getting there, but still need a little more punch. Drop 10, then merge the two squads. Also drop a tyrant guard, replace him with 2 TL devourers and the Old adversary power. Now use him to rain death from range, whilst bolstering your formidible brood of guants in assult, with the tervigons help.

    Drop that second brood of stealers altogether actually, and bring your hive guard up to 2 squads of 3. Anythign left over, buy yourself some toxin sacs hormagaunts.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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    Son of LO
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    Being a bit too aggressive don't you think heirodule? You've changed a bit too much for my liking since i had my accidental break. But that's my personal opinion. I believe that tervigons have their role and useage within the tyranid forces. I would stay with one tervigon, but i would only equip it with the FNP spell and cluster spore i think to keep the cost down. Because it doesn't need anything else since it's a supporting unit and because it's a supporting unit, don't rely on it too much to produce so many upgraded termaguants.

    As heirodule said, you need more firepower, i would reccomend two units of two hive guard. Plus i would recommend only one tyrand guard, two is just making him too powerful in a way and over spent. That's means your army will either make it or break it with that unit.

    Same with the genestealers as well, there are too many and they don't have very good armour saves once they have finished combat and decide to sit around to have lunch.

    I would recommend an objective sitting unit like a squad of warriors, well three of them, and give one of them a barbed strangler. Cheap and effective for their job. Which is to provide fire support and to camp on any objective that you place in your own DZ.

    I hope my advice helps.

    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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