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    1,500 point Purist list

    First attempt at a 1,500 pointer, comments appreciated!

    Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker, Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Drone Controller, Shield Dronex2, Bonding Knife

    2 Shas’vre Bodyguards
    Plasma Riflex2, Missile Podx2, Targeting Arrayx2, Hard-Wired Multi-Trackerx2

    3 Shas’ui Crisis Suits
    Plasma Riflex3, Missile Podx3, Multi-Trackerx3, Team Leader, Bonding Knife

    3 Shas’ui Crisis Suits
    Plasma Riflex3, Missile Podx3, Multi-Trackerx3, Team Leader, Bonding Knife

    10 Shas’la Fire Warriors
    Devilfish, Disruption pod

    10 Shas’la Fire Warriors

    Fast Attack
    8 Shas’la Pathfinders
    Devilfish, Disruption Pod

    Heavy Support
    Hammerhead Gunship
    Railgun, Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod, Smart Missile

    2 Shas’ui Broadside Suits
    Smart Missile Systemx2, Advanced Stabilisation Systemx2, Team Leader, Hard-Wired Target Lock

    1,489 pts

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    Bodyguard: its probably not worth the points.
    Elites1-2:remove the team leader and bonding knife, if you lose 2suits chances are high you're gonna lose all em, why waste the points. besides as you retreat you can still fire(granted your still in range)
    Troops1-2: I assume by purist, you mean not to use other races... I would advise against this as kroot are awesome as screens, but that's your decision. still you should only need 6x per squad, you could always take more squads if need be, especially since their are 6 troop FoS.
    Fast: that's a lot of PF's... again your choice, 5 seems to be the magic number around here for them though.
    Heavy1: maybe drop the smart missile...
    Heavy2:if you really need the TL, save the points and make your 2 suits into 2x1suit squads the HWMT is a better reason for making them team leader's if need be.

    *my personal favorite HQ is the Flamerain: shas'el>PR,TLMP,HWMT,SI=103.
    *switch the bodyguards to a deathrain squad, for transport popping, or take some piranha for that purpose(see below)
    *Kroot, 10man5hound squad is awesome for only 100pts
    *if your going the pure tau only path, then you NEED some piranha's as blockers 2x squads of 2-3 should do nicely, also always get the FB for a fast transport popper.
    *tactic: fly your Piranha's forward and disembark the drones for an extra free buffer, works very nicely.
    *another heavy should be present, a tank or another Broadside squad.

    Hope that helps
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