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    First nid list, 1500 points

    So, I've decided to pick up 'nids as my second race, wanting something as far away from Necrons as possible. I bought the codex and have been working on an army list, and would like some pointers for it. Anyway, here goes...


    Hive Tyrant
    +Adrenal Glands (240 )


    3x Zoanthrope
    +Mycetic Spore

    Deathleaper (360 )


    3x Warriors
    +Adrenal Glands

    8x Genestealers
    +Scything Talons
    +Adrenal Glands

    16x Termagaunts
    +Mycetic Spore

    16x Hormagaunts
    +Adrenal Glands
    +Mycetic Spore (625 )

    Heavy Support:

    Trygon Prime
    +Adrenal Glands
    +Regeneration (275 )

    Total of 1500 points.

    The basic idea is to base the army around the Battleforce, and throw in a few specialized heavy hitters, while allowing for some targetted deep striking (Using Deathleaper's special rules to move around the map letting me deep strike where I feel like it). As far as I've heard, Deathleaper seems like a better choice than Lictors, and he's pretty cheap, so I figured I might as well throw him in there. Trygon Prime's there for some much-needed brute force, together with the Tyrant, while the Zoans will focus on vehicles and heavily armoured elite troops (read: Terminators). I know relying on Deathleaper to get good deep strikes may be risky, but with this many spores at least some of them should come in from reserves after Deathleaper, allowing for precision landing.

    Oh yeah, any tips on making Mycetic Spores?

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    instead of rely'ing on spores it might be better to just use Hive Commander and depending on what else you have deep striking, a walking tyrant might work better for you here

    trygon is An awesome unit, and hes still awesome vanilla, Prime is variable in how you use it, 9 times out of 10 a vanilla trygon will do the same job + that'll save you alot of points,


    + Hive commander
    - 1 zoanthrope
    + 2-3 Hive guard
    ?? what are you warriors kitted with? talons devouers glands? or a spore?

    from What I've seen for spores, I'm not sure were people find them from but, Foam balls layer'd in hot glue, or geenstuff, I've even seen some great ones made out of clay, on a base seem to look pretty cool.
    + gaunts and gants, make there squads 20 each
    - prime and regen

    this looks to me like your trying to go all reserves here and, to be honest its not my forte or flavor . as it limits reliabe anti tank power. but if this is the case, hive commander is a must +1 to that reserve is to good to pass up

    3 zoanthropes is kind of overkill at this low a game, 2 have worked wonderfully for me
    while zoanthropes maybe amazing at killing tanks, using their drop shock move is very wasted on the transports you'll see everywhere, enter Hive guard,

    If your not overlycompetative a single group of 3 will be fine for now, If you plan on it, 2x2 or 2x3 squads of theese guys are necessary around here

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