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    500pt Eldar List

    Hey my fellow players over in the Eldar army forum, the mind comes in peace. Anyway, I am looking to start a second army and I am leaning towards eldar, as they complement my loved bugs, I will start of with a small 500 list just to make sure i understand how the eldar list works. So don't be kind or sugar coat it, give me your worst.

    Farseer - Singing Spear, Runes Of Warding, Runes Of Witnessing, Doom

    5 Howling Banshees - Exarch, Mirrorswords, Acrobatic, War Shout

    10 Dire Avengers- Exarch with bladestorm, dual catapults

    Heavy Support
    3 Vypers- 3 shuriken cannons

    That comes to 472 points, with left over might get some more banshees? your ideas/feedback? thanks!

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    Well first of all unless your not playing with the standard force organisation chart you dont have enough troops choices. You need at least 2.

    The Farseer is always a good choice and so is doom. Runes of Warding is always a handy little tool for messing with your opponents phychic spells. Runes of Witnessing is also very useful but not essential, with a leadership of 10 there is only a small chance that the phychic test will fail and in low points games such as this I'd only take it if you had that many points going spare which doesnt happen often. The singing spear is a matter of preference and at 3 points its not going to break the bank. I personally dont take them unless I plan on using the unit to go tank hunting.

    Howling banshees are good but if you dont give them transport they will never actually get into close combat as anyone who has fought them before will know to never let them get close. Using the Banshees along with the farseer and dooming their targets really benefit the banshees when fighting tougher opponents that need 5s or 6s to wound or even just in general, every wound inflicted by the banshees are deadly unless your opponent has an invunerable save.

    Dire avengers are good, very good. Far better than their Guardian counter parts in every way. The only guardians I tend to take are storm guardians. But as I mentioned at the start of this post you currently only have ONE troops choice.

    Vypers. First of all they are FAST ATTACK not HEAVY SUPPORT. They are fast and can pack a deadly punch but they are only much use in a squadron but if they are your only vehicles (Which they are in this case) they will get torn apart by any heavy weaponry as they are lightly armoured and open topped (+1 on the damage chart) In low point games like this I wouldnt take them.

    If your going to go with the general foot slogging list then Id recommend that you take a wraithlord (Bullet Magnet and tough as nails. There shouldn't be too many weapons that can take these guys out in a low point game.)
    Or Warwalkers, these bad boys can out flank or walk along side your other troops as they march up the battle field.

    You really dont get a lot with only 500 points but long range weaponry is always good and a Fire prism only costs 115pts. One thing that I didn't do that often in 500pt games was take a farseer, I usually took an Autarch and equiped him to match one of the aspect squads I took.

    There is a lot of options but in 500 points you don't get to take a lot so its best to make sure your units work well together. Unlike other races where they have units that can operate by them selves Eldar units do rely on working together to maximise their potential.

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