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    Upcoming tournament list 1750pts

    Hi people.

    I've two tournaments coming up and I'm trying to decide on a 1750pt list to use for the two of them. That way I can get the final models finished and painted up for both tournaments. Both tournaments consist of 5 matches played over 2 days.

    Heres the provisional list.

    Shas'el w/MP, PR, TA, HWMT & HWBSF
    Bodyguard w/MP, PR, TA & HWMT

    Shas'el w/MP, PR, TA, HWMT & HWBSF
    Bodyguard w/MP, PR, TA & HWMT

    TL w/ MP, PR, TA & HWMT
    2 x XV8 w/MP, PR & MT

    2 x XV8 w/ TLMP & TA

    FW x 6

    Kroot x 10
    KH x 4

    Kroot x 10
    KH x 4

    Piranha skimmer w/FB, TA & DP

    Pathfinder x 7
    Shas'ui w/BK
    Devilfish w/DP, FD & MT

    Hammerhead w/Railgun, 2 x BC, DP & MT

    Hammerhead w/Railgun, 2 x BC, DP & MT

    2 x Shield Drone
    XV88 w/ASS

    Total 1748pts

    Ok so theres the list. Its taken me a bit of tweaking and I'm (kind of) happy with it, although as always I appreciate feedback if anybody can see ways to improve it. I have extra models although I'm maxed out on crisis suits (I own 9). I've tried to have as many BS4 suits as possible so the marker hits can be saved for railguns or for reducing cover saves. If i remove the 3 HWBSFs I would have 11pts left but couldn't find anything better to spend the points on. The one on the XV88's should come in handy at least as i am expecting 1-2 battles with dawn of war. Being able to take out armour in turn one will be useful.

    I'm also trying to decide whether to find some points to get a second FW team in a DF to hold in reserve, I just don't know what to drop. I'm also thinking of the usefulness of dropping a railhead and replacing with an ionhead, I've just never used one before.

    As I said any advice is welcome. I rarely get to play these days as I've been working away from home all year. I'm a tad rusty!

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