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    Member Dabral's Avatar
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    2250 competitive list wanting opinions

    strangle thorn
    ancient adv.
    hive command

    tyrant guard


    2 x 10 gaunts


    9 warriors

    9 warriors

    5 stealers


    3 hive guard

    doom of mal


    2 carnifex
    2 x TL devourer
    adrenal glands

    adrenal glands

    now before you say why dont you take 3 of things im working with in a comp system needing to keep a 3 - 1 ratio with my troops and already getting docket 1 point from comp for the tervigon.

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    128 (x3)

    the main thing I see in this list is lack of anti tank in that point level expect to see some real hardcore vehicles, and you need much more specialized units to remove them. You need to find some points to fit 3 thropes in a spore or maybe 6 guards.
    In my 2k list I run 6 guards minimum.

    Those stealers are almost useless as a 5man squad, they will get destroyed. Bump them to
    8x Genestealers- Broodlord with Talons
    For some more umph.
    And you dont need the armor on tyrant, killing points.

    Besides form that not a bad list, just need to squeeze in 20 hormagaunts with toxin sacs somewhere and its good
    Good luck

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    well first off i seem to have forgotten to put in the messed up comp system.

    40K Composition Scoring

    Ratio of troop selections to other individual selections

    3:1 – 5 pts
    2:1 to 2.9:1 – 4 pts
    1:1 to 1.9:1 – 2 pts
    less then 1:1 – 0 pts

    Number of selections that are taken as anything other then as their default choice (For example, Ork Nobs taken as troops, Wraithguard taken as troops, etc.. ).

    0– 5 pts
    1 – 4 pts
    2 - 2 pts
    3 or more – 0 pts

    Percentage of points spent on vehicles (anything with an armor value)

    25% or less – 5 pts
    35% to 25.1% - 3 pts
    45% to 35.1% – 2 pts
    More than 45% – 0 pts

    Number of power models in the army (a power model is any single model that costs more than 10% of the available army points).

    0 – 1 – 5 pts
    2 – 3 pts
    More than 2 – 0 points

    Army List (army list must list each units war gear/upgrades along with costs, number of units per selection, total number of models, and a breakdown of points and choices by selection.

    Army list was created on Army Builder or a spreadsheet, is accurate, and sufficient copies are provided for the tournament judge and all opponents – 5 pts
    Army list was created on Army Builder or a spreadsheet, is accurate, but sufficient copies were not provided – 3 pts
    Army list was not created using army builder or spreadsheet – 0 pts

    Percentage of army points spent on Special characters

    13.5 % of less– 5 pts
    13.6% to 20%– 3 pts
    20.1% to 25% – 2 pts
    More than 25%– 0 points

    Model Count (divide the tournament army size (TAS) by 20 and 15)

    If your model count is <= TAS divided by 20 – 5
    If your model count is => TAS divided by 20 and <= TAS divided by 15 – 3
    If your model count is > TAS divided by 15 – 0

    personally i hate hormagaunts now they are less effective than before and dont even waste my time with them cause i can have gaunts with a tervigon totaly out shine them.

    the gene stealers were just for a mild back field harrasment wasent meaning for them to really live long lol.
    normally i field my stealers with 6 man ts with brood with scyth. but points points points.

    love thropes but trying out these hive guard every one is ranting about personally ive only usedem 4 times and they were really hit and miss.

    the armor is needed cause there is alot of missile units in this tourny im going to so the 2+ save really really goes along way.

    but thank you for info, thinking about maybe possible droping my doom of malantai even though its amazing to take atleast 2 zoans maybe 3

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    Son of LO Heirodule's Avatar
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    344 (x8)

    Stuff the army comp right out the window. Best way to do it, they just generally suck. Instead build your list to win, and if theres anyway to pick up a few points do it.

    So with that in mind, the list needs an isane amount of work. As NNP pointed out, you dont have enough anti tank, but id go further and say that certain elements need to be be removed.

    For a start, you need hiveguard, and if you can spare the points, thropes. In a game this size, you want 6 and 3 respectfully. Otherwise youll be ripped appart.

    You also need to lose the carnifexs (very very poor) and the outflanking warriors. The tyrants set up needs to be changed (2 TL devs with old adversary and either wings or a guard if going shooty, 2 sets of tallons and wings if going combat. Dont bother with anything else.) As New nid says, drop the armour, use cover or TG instead (also bear in mind that TG can give you said cover aswell)

    Also you make a comment about hating hormaguants when you can have T-guants that are much better. Not with that setup you dont. If your going to buff guants you NEED 2 terivigons as you kitted yours out, 2 broods of 30 guants, and a hive tyrant with old adversary. Anything less and your guants will suck and be beaten back by just about anything.

    If you drop the surgested units, fil up your anti tank first (obviously doom will have to go), then sort out your tyrant, and then replace the fexs with 2 trygons. Then if youve got anything left, work on the guant combo i told you about (ie buy guants tervigons). Trying to run it any other way is doomed to fail spectacularly.

    p.s the genestealers MUST GO! theyre terrible as is, and take up a troops choice.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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