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    2000pt Goff Army-- Friendly

    Hey everyone! I haven't really been playing 40k too recently on the account of a lot of other things going on in my life! But I am playing some casual games soon so i figured i'd scratch up a new Ork list. My friends and I are all sort of doing new armies, though this is not my first ork one. Advice is always appreciated! And if it sucks, just tell me, that's why I'm here

    Warboss-- PK, BP, skorcha-- 95

    Big Mek-- KFF-- 85

    15 Lootas-- 225

    10 Nobz-- 2 PK, 2 skorcha-- 265 (or rokkitz, which should i take?)

    20 Slugga Boyz-- 2 rokkitz, Nob w/ pk and bp-- 180

    20 Slugga Boyz-- 2 rokkitz, Nob w/ pk and bp-- 180

    12 Slugga Boyz-- Nob w/ pk and bp; Trukk-- 147

    12 Slugga Boyz-- Nob w/ pk and bp; Trukk-- 147

    30 Shoota Boyz-- 3 big shoota, Nob w/ pk and bp-- 235

    Heavy Support:
    1 Deff Dred-- 3 DCCW, skorcha, plates, riggers-- 110

    3 Killa Kanz-- rokkitz, plates, riggers-- 165

    3 Killa Kanz-- rokkitz, plates, riggers-- 165

    Total: 1999, Boyz:121, 7 walkers and 2 vehicles

    So I know the Kan wall is popular right now and i wanted to combine it with the massed boyz mentality of the Goffz. I took the nobz as troops so they can score and i tooled them up to be nasty. I am worried about their maneuverability a little, wish i could throw them in a trukk with the Boss and let them roar! but i can't find the points without dropping something i want/need. The lootaz are on foot, which concerns me a little as well. I took a big mob of shootas to camp my home objective/ screen or cover my CC ladz. The sluggas on foot are my main force and the ones in trukkz will zip out of the KFF range about a turn early to start bogging down my opponent. I really love the dred which is why i took it, but how do they fare vs the average armies? i felt like a skorcha would bring hurting all around, and you can't go wrong with all of those attacks from the DCCW.

    Help fill in the holes of my list!! please


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    It's a nice start, and it definitely doesn't suck. However, there are a few problems:

    1. The warboss needs 'eavy armor and/or cybork, preferably both. The nobz need eavy armor or cybork. Both would be overkill for them, but they definitely need one or the other, or they won't survive long enough. If you give them cybork, then they'll also need a painboy.

    2. The nobz also need a waaaugh banner, bosspole, and a transport. I wouldn't consider any of these to be optional. The transport is an absolute must have, as they won't last on foot in a list like this.

    3. Instead of one giant unit of lootas, I'd use 2 units of 9. That way you can cover more of the board, and it won't be as easy for your opponent to destroy them.

    4. Don't give extra close combat weapons to the dread, as they're too expensive.

    5. The armor plates and grot riggers literally do nothing for the killa kans. As a vehicle squadron, they already treat all stunned results as shaken, so the armor plates do nothing. Also, as a vehicle squadron, they treat immobilized results as destroyed, so the grot riggers don't do anything either.

    6. The trukks need rams.

    Good luck!
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