I'm getting tired of running a big nob squad, and I wanted to mix it up a little. I've been having good luck with my flash gitz lately, and I want to experiment more with running them in a trukk. My forces are a mob of evil sunz, bad moonz, and deff skulls.

1850 pts

HQ: 230
1 warboss, mega armor, cybork, bosspole
1 big mek, kustom force field, heavy armor, burna

(both in the expensive wagon)

5 meganobz, kombi skorchas
(these ride in the rolla wagon with both HQs)
trukk w/ red paint, reinforced ram
(bonus dedicated transport for the flash gitz to commandeer)

12 'ard boyz w/ sluggas, PK nob w/ bosspole
trukk w/ red paint, reinforced ram, boarding plank

20 shoota boyz w/ 2 big shootas, PK nob w/ armor + bosspole
(these ride in the volkswagen bus)

10 gretchin w/ runtherd
(for sitting somewhere)

15 stormboyz w/ PK, bosspole, nob heavy armor
(in reserve, or behind the buggies)

3 warbuggies w/ twin-linked rokkits

battlewagon w/ red paint, deff rolla, big shoota, kannon

battlewagon w/ red paint, reinforced ram, grot riggers
(shoota boyz)

5 flash gitz + painboy, kaptain badrukk
(dragoon the truck)

Should be good for a laugh, eh? I know I'll be having some trouble with anti-tank but hopefully my deff rolla, rokkit buggies and PKs can do the trick. Anyone ever run anything like this before? What're your thoughts?

Should I keep the HQs together, or should I put the KFF mek in the other wagon with the shoota boyz? I figured I could keep him in the deff rolla wagon when the meganobz disembark and just roll around dropping a flamer template here and there.