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    1500 deep strike list--noob

    ok... here we go.
    i have made a Deep Strike list that I think and hope will do well agains most armies. i know i might have a slight problem with the AT aspect of my army but here we go:

    HQ: Hive Tyrant - Stranglethorn Cannon, Hive Commander, Adrenal Glands, Paroxysm, Psychic Scream - 240
    Tyrant Guard - (proxy) - 120

    Elites: Lictors x 2 (deep strike)
    Hive Guard x 2 (proxy)(Anti Tank)

    Troops: 8 x Genestealers - TS, Broodlord - Scything Talons, Implant Attack - 199(outflank)
    8 x Genestealers -TS, Broodlord - Scything Talons, Implant Attack - 199(outflank)

    Fast Attack: 20 x Gargoyles - 120 (screening for hq)
    5 x Raveners - 150 (goes with the Trygon Prime)

    Heavy Support: Trygon Prime - 240 (deep striking with raveners)

    TOTAL POINTS: 1498 with 49 Models

    let me know what flaws you may see. I was thinking of dropping the gargoyles for some termagaunts to see how that would do for a screen on the HT and TG. If I were to drop the 20 gargs 20 termies would replace them. i know that if you have a unit of termies you should have a tervigon. just let me know what you think. kk thanks

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    Need more shooting. 2 Hive Guard won't cut it at 1500.

    Tyrant will die very fast even with Tyrant Guard as he is almost all alone on the field at the start.

    Need more troops. 16 genestealers are very, very squishy.

    Gargoyles usually won't give cover the the HQ and without any decent support they will be picked apart easily. Big problem with the list is that your army will hit in waves (even with old adversary) in small enough numbers that an enemy won't have too much trouble picking it apart.

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