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    1750 competitive list


    Flyrant (2x ST) 230pts
    Tyranid prime BS&LW, ST 95 pts


    2 zoanthropes + Mycetic spore 160pts
    doom of malan'tai + mycetic spore 130 pts


    20 Hormagaunts (ts) + mycetic spore 200pts
    20 termagaunts 100 pts
    20 termagaunts 100 pts
    4 warriors (ST&RC, TS) 140 pts
    7 Genestealers + broodlord 160pts

    Fast Attack

    3 Raveners (ST & RC) 105 pts


    Trygon Prime 240pts
    2 Biovores 90pts

    total 1750 pts

    can you give me some advice?

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    Flyrants tend to get shot down easily with no invul save and only 4 wounds. I would turn him or her into a walkrant with a heavy venom canon, lash whip and bone sword and a tyrant guard. That way he can survive better and provide some decent firepower. The biovores don't work well, as tyranids work best in close combat and with hive guards.

    I would take them out and the ravenors for another trygon. The Trygons have the feed instinct, so having a prime makes it over priced and if your worried about being baited, then just place your trygon as close as possible to thew units that you want it to chew and watch it churp happily ^^.

    The mycetic spores are really necessary for hormaguants and i would replace all the termaguants with hormaguants with toxin sacs to make them a real and proper threat in close combat.

    If you remove the warriors you should have enough points to get the extra hormaguants and to upgrade, especially with the prime gone. I would also recommend one tervigon with the FNP power and for you to lose the genestealers to do that. The genestealers are second class compared to hormaguants with toxin sacs when it comes to close combat and surviving.

    I hope that helps.

    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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