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    600 Points Tourney

    Hey Babs,
    I might enter the GW school tourney. For those who are unfamiliar, the rules are 600 pts, 0-1 elites 0-1fast attack or heavy support.

    Plasma Rifle
    Missile Pod

    4 Stealth Suits

    6 FWs w/BK

    6 FWs w/BK

    3 XV8s w/ASS

    I'm going to do a mini corner castle, with the Stealth Suits infiltrating on the weaker units.

    Current Armies: Tau, Dark Angels, Wood Elves, Bretonnians
    Side Projects: Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, High Elves, The Empire

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    HQ: looks solid but consider taking a twin linked missile pod and hard wiring your multi tracker for its only 6 more points...

    ELITE: I would advise against stealth's for that low a points total and that weird a restriction, XV8's are the workhorse of the tau army.

    TROOP: take 1 group of 6x FW, and a group of 10x kroot, trust me you'll want that blockade. Don't bother with upgrading anything.

    HEAVY: are you referring to XV88's? Ditch one of them, you don't need that many for this low a points game, remember; at least 1xRG for every 500pts(3's overkill).

    EVALUATION: your mini corner castle will crumble very easily ( its happened before to me with a similar setup ) a smart player will ignore or quickly engulf your stealth suits then eat your mini corner castle for desert.
    I would suggest the following list;

    HQ: XV8: TLMP, PR(AFP), HWMT, SI, BK, HWTL. 113pts
    T1: FW x6. 60pts
    T2: Kroot x10, Hound x5. 100pts
    E: XV8 x3: 1x Leader, TLMP, PR, HWMT. 2x TLMP, Flamer. 167pts
    H: XV88 x2: TLRG, SMS, ASS. 160pts
    Total: 600/600pts

    Deploy standard corner castle preferably near a piece of forest/jungle terrain, If most of what you face is anything other than MEQ type army's, trade the HQ's PR for the AFP.

    I hope that helps.
    Support you right to play video games, its for the greater good...

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