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    1750 Tyranid Genestealer Spam! Tournament list.

    So a tournie at my local club has popped up and i've strayed away from my High Elves and dusted off the Tyranids, this is a new list constructive criticism welcome!


    Hive Tyrant
    w/ 2x TL Devourer
    Hive Commander
    + Wings



    2 x Hive Guard
    2 x Hive Guard
    2 x Zoanthropes



    10 x Genestealers
    w/ Broodlord + Scything Talons 206pts
    10 x Genestealers
    w/ Broodlord + Scything Talons 206pts
    10 x Genestealers
    w/ Broodlord + Scything Talons 206pts
    10 x Genestealers
    w/ Broodlord + Scything Talons 206pts
    10 x Genestealers
    w/ Broodlord + Scything Talons 206pts
    14 x Hormagaunts
    w/ Adrenal Glands 112pts

    1747 pts.

    The main idea is for the hormagaunts to screen and generally be cannon fodder, some games i may throw them at the enemy using infiltrate, given to them by the Tyrant with HC. The main reason i have HC is because i like to outflank with my stealers, and the +1 to my rolls are always welcome.
    Yeah the adrenal glands may be worhtless upgrades but i need to kill some points, also i really like Stealers with scy tals as i seem to roll a ridiculous amount of 1's.
    The Zoanthropes are there to keep the hive guard company and the tyrant will fly around mopping up troops.

    Criticism welcome!

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    You cant infiltrate with HC, its outflanking only.

    As for the list, i have just the one thing to say, not nearly enough anti tank, and the part of the force deployed on table whilst the stealers outflank will be ripped appart.

    You can deal with a maximum of 3 tanks a turn if your lucky (which isnt nearly enough) and when your stealers do come on, theyre going to struggle, owing to having to deploy further along the flanks (assuming two units come in on one side), meaning more turns spent chasing the enemy.

    In all honesty stealer shock doesnt, and never has been a viable list option. Theres really no need to run more than 2 broods MAX in a list, any more than that and you lose huge amounts of effectivness. I hate to say it but id go back to the drawing board and try again.

    Also something to bear in mind, never leave a few units on the table with a large amount in resevre. It just doesnt work. The force left behind gets shot to ribbons, and when the reserves do come on, theyre unable to make an impact.

    Sorry i cant be more helpful, i just dont see a way to make it work.
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