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    not played 40k for 15 yearsd, thinking of this 1000 pt list, any advice before i buy?

    Farseer, runes of warding, Guide 90 (in the Falcon)

    5 fire dragons 80
    Waver serpent, spirit stones, shuriken Cannon 110

    5 Rangers 95

    10 dire avengers, Exarch, extra catapult, bladestorm 151
    Waver serpent, spirit stones, shuriken Cannon 110

    5 dire avengers 60 (in the Falcon)
    Heavy Support
    Falcon, EML 145

    Wraithlord, Bright Lance EML 160


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    Well first thing I have to ask is if you have any existing models or are you buying from scratch? Second is if you are going to play competatively or just against some friends? Do you know what types of armies you'll be fighting on a regular basis?

    Regardless of these questions you'll definately want some Fire Dragons and a couple of Fire Prisms. Fire Prisms work better when theres more than one.

    At the low point level of 1000 and below and even up to 1500 Wraithlords are pretty effective. I would say however that since you have the Fire Dragons the Bright Lance is not needed on Wraithlord, I would instead equip Shuriken Cannon/Scatter Laser/Star Cannon in place of the Bright Lance.
    The strength 6 weapons can still pop lightly armoured transports and give extra shots for killing infantry at a range for less points. I'd advise only equiping the Star Cannon if your going to be fighting well armoured enemies such as Marines or if your going to be fighting tryanid Nidzilla lists (Army Lists with a lot of Monsterous Creatures), because Star Cannons are the second most expensive weapon to equip to your wraithlord.

    I'm not a huge fan of Falcons personnally because they have a low BS so despite having a wide range of weaponry your probably going to miss when you really need it to hit. I'd take another Wraithlord at this point level or take another Wave Serpent.

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