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    1500 Point Necron CC list (yes I said Necron CC)

    I'm wondering if this would work against Eldar (or any Army):

    2 Necron Lords - Both with Resurrection Orbs, Warscythes, and Destroyer Bodies
    6 Necron Wraiths (2x3 )
    10 Scarab Swarms (1x10 )
    24 Flayed ones (3x8 )
    20 Warriors

    That comes out to 1498. 52 Necron models (not counting Swarms) so the army would have to be reduced to 13 to phase out.

    The theory behind it is keep the Warriors in reserve so as to not phase out your army. The Lords, Wraiths, and Scarab Swarms all turbo charge 24" in turn one and get behind cover as best as possible. The three squads of 8 per squad flayed ones all infiltrate move 6" and attempt to get in cover in turn one. If you survive turn one, by turn two you can have your entire army minus the warriors in cc. That's 6-8 squads tied in cc (6 if you attach your Lords to the Wraiths, 8 if you have them separate). Send the Lords after vehicles with the Warscythes, and the other 6 squads into cc with shootie squads.


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    Okay, Eldars typically have huge initiative (strike first) and lots of power weapons available (so they cut straight through your Flayed Ones saves). Even worse, all this can be packed in Falcon (so they can outrun your FOs if they want to)... and then the Scarabs outflank and sweep your Warriors.

    Now I'm not saying this list can't work. But I'm saying it involves some huge risks: What if Eldar tanks actually move? What if they move flat out? Then your lords will only hit them with 6s (read: likely won't hit) and you are left outside the vehicles with nothing to kill.

    EDIT: Just finished a 1500 point game today. I was packing a CC list with:

    1 Lord w/Orb, Gaze of Flame
    6 Pariahs
    10 Flayed Ones
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    4 Destroyers
    4 Destroyers

    Opponent was SM with Termies, Libby in Terminator armor, CCW Scouts, Devastator squad (2 lascannons, 2 plasmacannons) and 3 full Tac squads in Rhinos. It was Seize Ground with objectives and even though I was reduced to only 1 warrior squad in the end I tabled him pretty completely. The key was outflanking the Flayed Ones (they killed 5 devastators, 5 tacticals and all scouts) and using Pariahs very aggressively... The Pariahs were the champion of the show. Even though they were all finally killed together with the lord they accounted for 15 tacticals, 6 terminators and the termy librarian. Thats like 700 points of marines killed by the six Pariahs and the Lord.

    So yeah, at least against SM Necrons can do CC.
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    Your list has lots of mass attacks, but is very lacking in actual punch. Wraiths have a nice high strength but no armor-pen so to speak. Some Tomb Spyders would be a good addition. Or Pariahs to pair up with your Flayed Ones. Dropping some of your flayed ones should get you what you need for this. (Drop 2 flayed ones from each squad, grab two spyders). It's been a while since I've played, especially against eldar, but TS worked wonders.

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