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    750 point LEAGUE competitive

    After reading about a lot of mech lists, and deciding to finish painting my old small units of banshees and avengers, I thought i'd give one a shot.

    w/ Doom, rune of Witnessing-----------------> 90

    8 x Dire Avengers
    + Exarch w/ twin cats, bladestorm--------------> 140

    10 Guardians
    w/ Scatter Laser, warlock w/conceal ------------>135

    7 Banshees
    + Exarch w/mirrorswords, war shout, acrobatic -------->160
    + Wave Serpent w/ Twin Cannons, Cannon upgrade------------>110

    Fire Prism, naked-------------------------->115

    TOTAL ---------------------------------->750

    the weekly league at my local shop starts at 750 points for the first week, then 1000, then 1250, then 1250 until resetting at 750 the next month. This would be the core of the list, with the next, larger lists using all of these units with a few more heavy hitters.

    This is a SLIGHTLY mechanized list, with one wave serpent to get the banshees in close quickly. The guardians may be able to advance slowly to an objective or hold the home objective while laying down a base of fire, particularly targeting transports and hordes with the laser. conceal might keep it up long enough to seize an objective late in the game.

    the farseer is attached the banshees, providing doom and his close combat support.

    the prism will likely stay out of range pot shotting enemy tanks, transports, and MCs.

    The avengers will seize objectives on foot and try to soften up some squads if the banshees are prematurely dropped from their transport.

    my only fear is that having only one fire prism and one transport might stunt my advantage. should i drop one heavy weapon or cripple my mobility by adding a second and removing the transport? it wouldn't really be MECH at that point...

    i will post the additional lists soon.

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