Got a friendly game against my space marine friend and wanted a quick opinion on it. I wanted to use my shining spears with an autarch just for a bit of fun so the list is built around that.
I know my opponent will be using several drop pods and very likely a singer landraider.

Jetbike, mandi, laser lance, reaper launcher.
Jetbike, doom, fortune, spirit stones, runes of warding
Shining spears x3

Harlequins x7
Troupe master, shadow seer, fusion pistols x2, HKx7

Fire dragons x8
Exarch with dragon breath flamer.
Wave serp with TL Shuriken cannon and Spirit stones

Dire averngers x5
Wave Serpent with TL Bright lance and Spirit stones

Dire avengers x5
Wave serp with TL Star Cannon and spirit stones

Dire avengers x5
Wave serp with TL Star Cannon and spirit stones

Total points 1499

I was thinking since my frined would drop pod behind my tanks and wipe them out so Im planning on leaving everything in reserve so that it will force his troops to drop pod in before I even appear allowing me to react to however he decides to deploy them.
I decided to go for several small squads of DAs in waveserpents for scoring units instead of 3 units of 6 jetbikes since we don't know what type of game we're playing till the time.

It has been a while since I played the space marines and not Space wolves since the marine player has been using Tryanids lately but wants to dust off his marines for a game or two, so at least I don't have to worry about Long fangs for a change.

Please note that I will be playing this game TOMORROW night 16/10/2010. So any one deciding to comment after this date thank you but you needn't worry about doing so.