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    1850 tourney list

    Tau 1850


    Shasel – missile pod, plasma rifle, hardwired drone controller, two shield drones, multitracker
    2 bodyguards- missile pod, plasma rifle, targeting array, hard wired multitracker, Bonding Knife – 286


    3 Crisis Suits, team leader, hard wired drone controller, two shield drones, missile pod, burst cannons, multitracker, Bonding knife– 190

    3 Crisis Suits, team leader, hardwired drone controller, two shield drones, missile pod, plasma rifle, multitracker, Bonding Knife – 226


    6 Fire Warriors – 60
    15 Kroot - 105
    15 Kroot – 105

    Fast Attack

    Devilfish, flechette discharger, disruption pod – 95
    7 Pathfinders, markerlights - 84
    Piranha – fusion blaster, disruption pod, decoy launchers – 75

    Heavy Support

    Hammerhead – Railgun, 2 burst cannons, multitracker, disruption pod, blacksun filter, target lock – 175
    Hammerhead – Railgun, 2 burst cannons, multitracker, disruption pod, blacksun filter, target lock – 175
    3 Broadsides, multitracker, Shasui, targeting array, hard wired target lock, hard wired Drone controller, 2 shield drones- 270

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    Just a few tips here.

    Get rid of one of your bodyguard and the Bonding knife

    Get rid of the team leaders on all your elites, don't worry about shield drones for them

    Give your Piranha a Targetting array instead of decoy launchers, their nearly useless in 5th ed.

    Give all your Broadsides Advanced Stabilization, and don't worry about the targetting array on the team leader, just give him the HW TL. Youtr Broadsides dont need to fire both weapon systems a turn, they should be far away from your enemy.

    As for what you should do with all the left over points, finish off all your elites (type is up to you, though MP +BC don't usually work well) so you have 3 squads of 3, Then if you have points left over, use them to get another piranha, then just fill out everything else!

    Put it this way: At 1500 points, we can have an effective army that has more than your army list does. At 1850, we should be blowing everything out of the water, what with what all we can add to existing units. There really shouldn't be but some troop slots and 2-3 other empty FoC slots, so at 1850+ points, our armies should just be upgrades of the previous units.
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