Hi there. I have been playing 40k for a couple of years now and recently wanted to start a tau army. Starting out with a 750 point army, which will escalate into higher point armies in the near future. I play at my local GW store, so I will be facing all kinds of different armies. (Hence the list must be competitive against GEQ, MEQ, TEQ, mechanized and so on...)

I've added a brief description to each unit, so none of my picks are randomly chosen :-)

HQ: Shas'el with airbursting fragmentation projector, twin-linked missile pods and hard-wired multi-tracker -> 93 points
(deathrain setup with the option of taking out hordes of low armoured units)

Elite: 2x XV8 both armed with fusion blaster, plasma rifle and multi-tracker -> 124 points (putting these 2 battlesuits with the helios setup in same group, so they will gain better benefit from markerligths... 6 shots that hits and wounds space marines on 2+)


10x fire warriors with pulse rifles -> 100 points
(jumps into pathfinder´s devilfish in turn 1 and swoops to the nearest objective)

6x fire warriors with pulse rifles -> 60 points

6x fire warriors with pulse rifles -> 60 points

Fast attack:

6x pathfinders -> 72 points
(will hand over the devilfish to 1 firewarrior team and stay back and do markerlight support)

Devilfish with gun drones and disruption pods -> 85 points
(because it belongs to the pathfinder squad it gains the marker beacon speciel rule so I can use more reliable deepstrike with my XV8s)

Heavy support

Hammerhead gunship with railgun, burst cannons and disruption pods -> 155 points
(either horde destroyer or tankhunter, with markerlights it comes up to BS 5)

total: 749 points

Quick note!!! Before you start flaming me for taking disruption pods and NOT taking decoy launchers, I can say that it is on purpose.

- Disruption pods always makes your vehicles count as being in cover unless they're within 12" of the enemy (and they shouldn't be)

- Decoy launchers only works on a glancing hit with immobalized result (hence only 16,6% chance this will occur if its a glacing hit, besides, if my hammerhead trades a weapon destroyed for immobalized I will be a lot more furious since it's whole purpose is to fire it's main gun) prove me wrong, but even for 5 points I think decoy launchers are wasted garbage.

Thank you for reading through my list, comments and criticism is most welcome

- Vezzax