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    Senior Member Davidian's Avatar
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    1500pts, first 'Cron list

    This is the first Necron list I've tossed up so any advice or criticism would be welcome.

    I first picked a solid core of two large warrior squads a monolith and a, orb lord

    then I wanted destroyer [who doesn't]........ I left numbers until I'd got everything else in that I wanted

    I wanted some close combat finishers to wipe up any leftovers from shooting so I reckon wraiths would be perfect, being well fast and being rather discrete with the whole walking through walls thing.

    and something that could rip av14 to shreds..... a few disrupter scarabs and Des lord

    then I settles on a frustratingly close 5 destroyers for a total of 1508pts..... 8!

    Its not like this is a guard army where I can clip out a storm bolter here or 4 shotguns there.....

    a thought. Destroyer swarm lords can suffer in combat if the enemy starts beating up he scarabs for combat reolution.... I should know because I've done it before, mwahahah [don't laugh too lound, this is a necron forum :/]....... MWAHAHAHAGH.

    simple then -1 warrior + chromonomonomonometer = 1500pts

    I hope this will be a competitive list, what do you think?

    Necron Lord
    Staff of Light
    Resurrection Orb

    14 Warriors

    15 Warriors

    Destroyer Lord

    5 Scarabs
    Disruption Fields

    3 Wraiths

    5 Destroyers


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    Senior Member shas_on_u's Avatar
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    Warriors should ALWAYS be 10-man, no more ever. Adding more warriors just makes it more painful when you get hit by a sweeping advance. Keep them at 10. At 1500 you should aim for 3x10 but 2x10 can manage if you avoid the non-necron point sinks like scarabs, monoliths and spyders.

    Scarabs: Good but not needed and when your at 1500 and struggling for points these should be the first things to go.

    Wraiths: I like em, although they can "finish" units off in combat I really wouldn't reccomend them for this job as due to T4, 3+ save and only 1 wound if you leave even 1 model alive you could quite easily loose a wraith. Wraiths are our anti-transport units mainly but also prove useful for dealing with small enemy units worth at least the point values of the wraiths so it doesn't hurt if you loose 1. Also try to avoid power fists and the like, although you get the invun you loose WWBB. Aim for things like devastator squads, ranger squads, dark reapers, lootas, broadsides, longfangs etc... Scarabs perform a similar job but are likely to loose CC especially against things like broadsides or lootas and are just there to tie the enemy up for 2-3 turns. Wraiths aim to go for the KP.

    Monolith: Good but if your running it in 1500 you need 3x10 warriors.

    I would:
    Drop the scarabs for another destroyer (2x3). And another warrior (3x10)
    Drop the dlord for a bodyguard of 5 immortals for the lord. You could add 3 more destoyers aswell for a total 9 (4&5 man squads).

    Drop the monolith and 9 warriors.
    Add 3 more destroyers (2x4)
    5 More Scarabs (1x10)
    Give the destroyer lord a lightning Field (makes scarabs EVIL)
    Get a 5-man immortal squad for the foot lord.

    The second option I like less as it leaves your PO a bit low but it's up to you in the end.
    Ye Old Necrons (R.I.P.) (7000pts) W52 D5 L9
    New Crons!!! (5000pts) W1 D1 L1
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    I suggest that your warriors be ten man units. have only the wraiths with the lord and give him an orb. dont use the scarabs. your list looks good though.

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