Ok so here we go with the new codex. The rules we play by allow only 1 choice for each slot other than troops, and we tend to play annihilation a lot. I usually see a good mix of everything beside DH, Eldar and Necrons.

2 Haemonculi - 150
2 scissorhands
casket of flensing
liquifier gun

9 Bloodbrides - 237
3 hydra gauntlets

9 Wracks - 185
liquifier gun

10 Warriors - 170
splinter cannon
splinter racks

3 Beastmasters - 161
5 kymerae
2 razorwings
1 clawed Fiend

Cronos Parasite Engine - 100
spirit vortex

Total 1003

Haemie with Liquifier goes with wracks, other one goes with Bloodbrides. My CC units have enough attacks to drag down almost anything. I realize I'm light on anti-tank but I don't see many heavy Mech lists, if it becomes a problem I'll prob swap the cronos for a ravager. Anyone have any comments/criticisms to share?