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    My Final 2.5k List

    To begin, I would like to thank everyone here at Librarium Online. As a starting 40k player, this was the site that I found and latched onto, and it has been through you guys that I have developed as much as I have from a complete n00b to a winner (mostly ). I would specifically like to give shout-outs to Rikimaru and Number6. Your constant debating has driven me to streamline my lists to perfection, and your success with 2 different building ideas has directed me to find my own style of game-play. Thank you.

    That being said, I would like to explain my list before presenting it. I used to be a firm believer in massed Fireknives. This seemed to be what everyone else was using, and because it worked for them, I thought it would work for me too. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Not only was I losing frequently, but the repetition was really beginning to bore me. Rikimaru's argument in favor of the torch squad convinced me to try a game using them. I loved them immediately. Not only did they work very well, the more aggressive style of game-play they led to brought a lot of enjoyment and exciting action to the game. Which is what the game is supposed to be in the first place: fun and exciting. This led me to experimenting with other suit builds as well. Because of this, my list features many different crisis builds; no two units are the same.

    Also, many people might be surprised by the lack of piranhas in this build. As you all well know, each unit is worth two kill points. Now this might seem hypocritical since the replacement, a unit of pathfinders and a Devilfish, are worth three. However, if you equip the devilfish with SMS, this decreases the kill points to only two, and in my games the AV 12 devilfish and the pathfinders have proven to be more hardy and reliable that the units of piranhas. I know the purpose of piranhas is to be sacrificial and stall the opponents, but I don’t think it is worth wasting 2 kill points just to slow the opponent down, let alone the 4 kill points that two units of piranhas would bring. I know I am placing a lot of emphasis on kill points, but I want this list to be tournament viable. Annihilation only counts for 1/3 of games played, but in the end its still up to how the dice roll, and I want to be prepared for a tournament in which all of the games I roll a 5 or a 6. Not likely, but anything can happen, and I want to be fully prepared.

    I believe that’s all the precedence really need, so here is the list.


    Shas’el with Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, Hard Wired Multi Tracker, Bonding Knife, Hard Wired Gun Controller, 2 Shield Drones 135 points

    2x Bodyguard with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard Wired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones and Hard Wired Multi-tracker 224 Points

    Yes, I realize this unit is huge. This is for good reasons though. Reason 1- it brings the model count to nine models. This means 3 models need to be killed before a moral check is taken for panic. Because of the threat this unit will present to just about any army, it will be taking a lot of enemy fire, and the fact that it is 9 models and that 6 have an invulnerable save will really help this unit survive under both heavy fire and assault. Reason 2- I had the points and wanted to spend them here. ‘Nuff said

    They will be deep striking on turn two (hopefully) with the positional relay on the other Shas’el. They can’t move fast enough to get into range in turn one anyways, and this way I can have them deep strike right up next to one of the transports I destroyed (also hopefully) in turn one and kill the passengers.

    Shas’el with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Positional Relay, Hard Wired Multi-Tracker, Hard Wired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones and bonding knife 136 Points

    This guy will be attaching to the unit of Fireknives.


    3x Crisis with Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, and Multi-tracker 186 Points

    Can’t really think of any commentary for these guys. They’re fireknives. They’ll do what fireknives usually do.

    3x Crisis with Twin-Linked Missile Pods and Targeting Array 159 Points

    This unit is to make up for the HQ unit without Missile Pods. They stay back with the broadsides and concentrate on wrecking transports.

    2x Crisis Suits with Twin linked Flamer and Missile Pod
    1x Team Leader with Twin Linked Flamer, Missile Pod, Hard Wired Multi Tracker, Bonding Knife, Hard Wired Drone Controller, and 2 Shield Drones 174 Points

    These are here simply because I love these guys. They were the first configuration that I used that wasn’t a Fireknife, so I like to try and include them in every list I make.


    6 Fire Warriors 60 points

    6 Fire Warriors 60 points

    The Fire Warriors will either go into the Pathfinders Devilfish or just hide in cover and go to ground a lot.

    10 Kroot, 7 Hounds 112points

    10 Kroot, 5 Hounds 100 points

    10 Kroot, 3 Hounds 88 points

    This used to be 3 units of 10 kroot 5 hounds, but I changed it for two reasons. Because of the kroots low save, they will have to take many leadership tests for 25% casualties. 13 and 17 model units maximize their cost effectiveness in this respect. Also, when bubble wrapping in the corner, if they are all the same size then it is harder to wrap them in layers since you have to cover more distance the further you get from the corner. So by wrapping them smallest on the inside and largest on the outside, you can effectively cover more ground and still maintain a maximum 2’’ coherency with all the models for blast weapons.

    Fast Attack

    5 Pathfinders with Devilfish with Disruption Pod and SMS 145 points

    5 Pathfinders with Devilfish with Disruption Pod and SMS 145 points

    These guys will be separated enough so that both units can’t be touched by the same blast template, but will still both be behind the kroot screen. The devilfish can be used for many things; I can turn it into a scoring pillbox with the warriors, I can use them to stall the enemy, or I can use them to screen my advancing crisis suits. A favorite tactic of mine is to rush it forward some, then use the landing gear to put it on the ground and block LOS to the suits behind it.

    Heavy Support

    Hammerhead with Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod, and Burst Cannons 165 points

    The hammerhead is here more for the template than the railgun.

    3 Broadsides with Targeting Array, team leader with Bonding Knife, Target Lock, Drone Controller, and 2 Shield Drones 285 Points

    3 Broadsides with Targeting Array, team leader with Bonding Knife, Target Lock, Drone Controller, and 2 Shield Drones 285 Points

    Together, these suits can fire at 4 different tanks every turn. I decided to put Targeting Arrays instead of the ever-popular ASS. This is mostly because I never move them much anyways, and when they do move its only d6. I feel that +1 BS is more helpful than d6 movement. The only time I ever regret this is the dawn of war setting where they have to move on turn one.

    Total: 2499 Points

    Kill Points: 18

    Well that’s it folks. I’m not really looking for criticism here; the list is pretty much set in stone. I just wanted you all to be a part of this since it was all your help that helped me get to where I am now, and for that I thank you so much.

    Happy Gaming


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    Very nice, looks to be very effective. Hard to imagine you as a noob! However, and this is based solely on personal opinion, I'm not a huge fan of twin-linked weaponry, since, well, I just don't like it, and the idea fo flamers on battlesuits puts me off a bit because you would have to get too close for comfort, and to hit more than 3 models you need to be within charge range which is dangerous for tau. But if you like it, and you can work with it, thats fine. All there is to do now is to playtest it. Let us know how it turns out!

    Also, WOOT!! first post!
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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