Duke S - ####
Haemonculous - Agoniser, Liqifier
9 Bloodbrides, 3x Hydra Gauntlet, Syren with Agoniser
Raider - 60
6 Bloodbrides, 2x Hydra Gauntlet, Syren with Agoniser
Raider - 60
10 Wracks, 2x Liqifier, Acothyst with Agoniser
Raider - 60
10 Wyches, 2x Hydro Gauntlet, Hektrix with Agoniser
5 Warriors, Shredder
Venom -2x Splinter Cannon
5 Warriors, Shredder
Venom - 2x Splinter cannon
Razorwing Fighter - 145
Voidraven, Flicker, Night, 4x Mono - 205
Ravager - 105

1750 points


Razorwing is in there just cause i want to make it, Duke allows me to choose to best of two drugs, which with 3 wych squads will be nice. Preference of drugs will change somewhat on deployment. If i'm going second i'll probably take pain token so any exploding raiders with wychs they survive much better.

The small warrior squads are for objective holding/late round taking, as well as anti-infantry with the 12 SC shots.