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    750 point basic list for adaption

    Hey guys, this is yet another list that I was doing earlier that, for some reason, just seemed good enough to put on the site. The list has a lot of adaption points, and I thought of using magnets to have an adaptive force. Anyway, here it is:

    Shas'el <29>
    Fusion blaster*
    Missile pod*

    Bodyguard <29>
    Fusion blaster*
    Missile pod*
    Multi tracker

    XV8 x 2 <37 each>
    Plasma rifles x 2
    Missile pod*
    Fusion blaster*
    Multi-tracker x 2

    XV8 x 2 <23 each>
    Twin-linked missile pod x 2
    Targeting array x 2

    Fire warriors x 10

    Fire warriors x 10

    Disruption pods

    Burst cannon
    Disruption pods

    This list is very adaptable. Anything marked with * can be swapped for a burst cannon, fusion blaster or missile pod. There are also other pounts, e.g. the devilfosh may be swapped out for another battlesuit or plasma rifle upgrades. The total upgrade point cost of battlesuits in <> next to the name.

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