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    1500 point new to kroot

    Hi guys, I recently discovered the Kompletely Kroot Kodex, and I liked it. I liked it a lot. Love stalkers with ambush! Anyway, I decided to take a stab at making an army list from it, so here goes nothing:

    Master shaper
    Power weapon
    Mark of the favoured child
    Surefoot charm
    Wings - 105

    Shaper council X 5
    Power weapon X 5
    Wings X 5 - 275

    These guys rush up one flank and take out low model count, high threat units e.g. devestator squads

    Carnivore kindred
    Extra 5 kroot
    Bold - 154

    Carnivore squad
    Extra 5 kroot
    Meltabombs - 154

    These outflank and get into kombat as soon as possible, with the meltabombs going on the flank with more tanks.

    Carnivore kindred
    Extra 10 kroot
    Krootox riders X 2 - 274

    These guys just move up the middle of the board, providing threat and fire support.

    Stalker kindred
    Extra 5 stalkers
    Ambush - 169

    Stalker kindred
    Extra 5 stalkers
    Ambush - 169

    These are the main part of the army, causing massive strikes with support from the outflankers.

    Tracker kindred
    Extra 5 trackers
    Hunting rifles (Possibly, help required here) - 135 points

    These charge up the other flank to the Master shaper, assisting the outflankers and Stalkers by picking off individual small squads.

    Knarlock - 60

    This moves up with the big carnivore kindred to provide protection. In many games creatures with 4+ wounds tend to draw a lot of fire if there are no tanks.

    TOTAL: 1500 points exactly.

    So, what do you think? Any & all criticisms welcome. But don't go all "AHH, MAN, WTF U DONT TAKE THOSE THERE CRAP U NOOBY NOOBERSON CRAWL BACK IN YOUR HOLE" as I recived when i made my first post on advanced tau tactica, which explaines why i am here now. I am new to kroot; even in my tau lists I took minimal to no kroot, so tactics would also be nice please. Thanks!

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