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    2000 fun list vs Dark Eldar

    Going to use Veterans day and play several games. (Im a vet and will be playing an active duty Coasty).

    He's still obviously learning Dark Eldar, and I'm not looking to beat him up. But this is a perfect opportunity to try out some fun units that I rarley use.

    So here goes!

    Farseer w/Spear, RoWit, SS, Fortune/Guide (he will hang out with my WarWalkers)

    Farseer on Jetbike w/Spear, RoWit, SS, Doom/Fortune/Mind War
    Warlocks on Jetbikes x5. 1x Embolden, the rest Destructor

    Striking Scorpions x7 w/Exarch-Claw, Stalker
    Wave Serpent SS, SCannon, ScatterLaser

    Dire Avengers x7
    Wave Serpent, SS, SCannon, ScatterLaser

    Dire Avengers x7
    Wave Serpent, SS, SCannon, ScatterLaser

    Pathfinders x5

    Warp Spiders x6 w/Exarch-Dual Spinners, Blades, Withdraw

    WarWalkers x3 with dual Scatter Lasers

    D-Cannon x3

    I know it's a bit all over the place with no real cohesavness. But it's not meant to be competative.

    So my idea?
    Pathfinders setup in cover infront of the D-Cannons as a sheild.
    War Walkers also Setup near D-Cannons, and foot Farseer supports both units with guide (WW) and fortune (D-Cannon).

    The Scorpions also hang back, perhaps in the WS, perhaps in cover to provide counter assault for the inevitable assault on my Support weapons.

    DA's stay in the transports...which will shoot up raiders. Then the DAs get out to mop up.

    Warp Spiders...Last game I deep striked them and lost the unit. I will have to play their deployment by ear. But that many S6 shots!.....mmmmmmm

    Bike Seer and Warlocks...fortune their turboboost and Destructor the heck out of stuff! I rarely get a chance to use Mind War, so perhaps on his Archon or Lilith...

    I love D-Cannons (used them a lot back in 2nd edition). Every time I bring them in 5th, they get shot up right away (as well they should, they be scarey!). Hence all of the other units just to protect them. Certainly not cost effective, but should be fun. Against such a fast army, the 24" range shouldn't be an issue.

    I've never used the bike warlocks, just too many points for me. But this should prove to be fun, especially against T3 light armor troops! Pop the raiders with Scatter lasers and wipe up the remaining troops with 4 Destructor templates!

    It is very unusual for me NOT to bring a Night Spinner or 2. They are certainly very effective vs Dark Eldar, but I have a feeling the WarWalkers' 24 S6 shots will do just nicely!

    This list has a total of 60 S6 shots with 42 of them being 24"+

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    At the beginning of turn 1, I spray my opponent's army with the bacon flavored spray. Then I unleash my Boston Terrier Squiggoth who then devours their entire bacon flavored army! There is no defense against her cuteness! All are doomed!

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