Tyranid Prime- 95

Warriors x4- 145
DS, Strangler

Horm x14- 112

Horm x14- 112

Term x20- 100

GeneStealers x5 -85

Hive Guard x2- 100

Zoan x2-120

Venom x1-55

Biovoure x1- 45

Spore Mines x3- 30

Battle Plan is to have the Spore Mines Disrupt Enemy Deployment. The Prime with the Hive Guard if at all possible. Warriors for Synapse Bridge, Infantry support, Light Vehicle Hunting. Horms Unsuspecting MC/Character Hunting, Infantry Assault. Terms For Objectives & support. Stealers for late game objectives, Character/ small squad hunting. BioVore for troop Disruption. Venom for Any First turn Shooting and overzealous First Turn Assaults.

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