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    1999 Point Balanced Army With Block Extensions *Combats Hordes/Semi-hordes*

    Hi all,

    This is a very balanced Tyranid army list used for combating semi-horde or full horde armies. After many games worth of experienced I have cultured a list capable of destroying any full horde or semi-horde army when used correctly. This is the most balanced list I have come up with for my entire career as Tyranids.

    It includes 3 big dudes, 3 units of medium dudes, and 5 units of smaller dudes. It uses up 2 HQ, 2 ELITE, 4 TROOPS, 2 FAST ATTACK, and 1 HEAVY SUPPORT worth of choices.

    Hive Tyrant with implant attack, adrenal glands, wings, and the psychic powers leech essence and paroxysm – 255 points.

    Tervigon with crushing claws, regeneration, acid blood, and the psychic powers dominion and catalyst – 245.

    3 Hive Guard – 150.

    8 Ymgarl Genestealers – 184.

    5 Tyranid Warriors with adrenal glands, 1 with bonesword pair and barbed strangler, 4 with deathspitters – 215.

    9 Genestealers with scything talons, adrenal glands, and Broodlord which has those and implant attacks and acid blood – 247.

    28 Termagants – 140.

    28 Hormagaunts – 168.

    20 Gargoyles – 120.

    Harpy with cluster spines, adrenal glands, and regeneration – 185.

    2 Biovores – 90.

    TOTAL: 1999

    Here are some 500 point extensions which are also balanced which you could add to this list:

    BLOCK 1
    3 Zoanthropes – 180

    24 Termagants – 120.

    Carnifex with stranglethorn cannon and bio-plasma – 200.

    BLOCK 2
    8 Tunnelling Ripper Swarms – 96.

    Trygon Prime – 240.

    4 Raveners with deathspitters – 160.

    These blocks are designed for the whole block to be for similar purposes, e.g. block 1 is for ranged weaponry and block 2 is for deep strike and tunnelling behind enemy lines, etc.

    Please comment,
    The Warlord

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    All in all a balanced list. BUT, I see a few things that you could easily improve on. Ymargal stealers are imo iffy, I only ever run normal stealers. I wouldnt bother with ST on the stealers, with their high WS they tend to never need the re-roll, same with AG just taking up points. On the broodlrod I only take the ST, just to make sure they always hit. Give horma's TS, drop rippers. Make the tervigon a troop choice so he can capture locations and I wouldnt bother with lots of those upgrades. With the points add more hive guards.

    Those are just my recommendations.
    Last edited by Hive Fleet Macarbe; November 21st, 2010 at 21:30.

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    Tyrant should get rid of at least implant attack and maybe get a power (Old or Hive). Crushing claws on Tervi should be dropped. Your Warriors are Equipped wrong. You cant just give one Warrior boneswords, it has to be the entire brood. You can do it with a prime though.Toxin on the HGuants. Keep your GS as basic as you can if you get anything for them Tox, and drop the YS. Block 2: Drop the rippers. Drop the DS on the Raveners for rending. Waste of points. They execell at CC Shooting not so much. More Hive Guard and some Zoans because you really only have one heavy shooter brood.

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