I've been doing pretty good with this heavy support army:

Commander Shas'o (used in the back as fire warrior support and electronics warfare and has never died yet ^.^)
-Positional Relay
-Shield Generator
-Iriduim Armor
-Bonding knife
-Hard-wired drone controller: Gundrones x2
-Cyclic Ion Blaster

Crisis Battlesuit Shas'ui x2 & Shas'vre
(used to deep strike and take out squads, usualy most targeted)
-Shield generator
-Multi-tracker x2
-Bonding knife
-Hard-wired Multi tracker
-Hardwired Drone controller: Shield Drones x2
-Burst Cannon x2
-Plasma Rifle x3
-Fusion blaster x1

Kroot Carnivore x11 & Shaper (used to front line in forest or back up fire warrior lines)
-Shaper Pulse Rifle

2 lines of Fire Warrior Shas'la x6 & Shas'ui (Used as a suppressive firing line)
-Photon grenades
-Hard-wired Drone controller: Gun Drones
-Bonding knife
-Pulse rifle x5
-Pulse carbine x2

Pathfinder Shas'la x5 & Shas'ui (scout ahead and disembark before game starts, awesome ability)
-Photon grenades
-Bonding knife
-Rail rifles x2
Devilfish (great vehicle that tends to be ignored)
-Disruptor pod
-Flechette Discharger
-Seeker missile x2

Broadside Battesuit Shas'ui x2 (Tend to be the 2nd unit that drops, but causes a lot of destruction)
-Shield generator x2

Hammerhead Gunship (main goal is vehicle supremacy then submunition heavy weapon squads)
-Disruption pod
-Target lock
-Smart missile system
-Seeker missile

Skyray Missile Platform (allows every unit some kind of heavy weapon and removes squads pretty easily)
-Disruption pod
-Target lock
-Burst cannon x2
-Target array

Total: 1500pts

not sure what to add to make it 2000 tho. Any suggestions?