I've been meaning to start a new army for a while. With my first army being Chaos Space Marines I want this second army to be something completely different. I've had my mind set on Tyranids for a while but with the new Dark Eldar codex I think I've changed my mind.

Before I start forking out hard earned cash I want at least some sense of where I'm going. So I made this list.

Haemonculi with Agoniser and Animus Vitae. (75pts)

5 Kabalite Treuborn with 2 Splinter Cannons. (80 pts)

10 Kabalite Warriors, 1 with Dark Lance, 1 with Blaster, mounted in Raider with Nightshields and Splinter Racks. (210pts)

1 Hekatrix with Power weapon, 8 Wyches, 1 with Razor flail, mounted in Raider with Nightshields (190pts)

Fast Attack:
1 Arena Champion with Power weapon, 5 Reavers, 2 with Blasters, 1 with Grav Talon. (192pts)

Heavy Support:
Ravager with 3 Dark Lances, Nightshield, Flickerfield. (125pts)

Ravager with 3 Dark Lances, Nightshield, Flickerfield. (125pts)

Total: 997pts.

The plan:
* Haemunculi joins Wyches and together with the Warriors the go full speed ahead. Warriors soften a suitable target that the Wyches then finishes off, hopefully in my opponents turn.

* Ravagers take out the armour I am likely to meet (expect to face mostly Imperial Guard).

* Reavers act guerilla, taking blaster shots at side and rear armor where possible, turbo boosting or assaulting weak units.

* Trueborn stay in cover and provide fire support where needed.

Opinions are very welcome. Please keep in mind that I'd like to keep conversions to a minimum when suggesting changes. Also, I'll be facing mostly Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Tau and Sisters of Battle, in that order.