After participarting in small 900 pts. tournament (the list worked fine until it fell to BA halfway through quarter-finals) I'm embarking onto a series of more-or-less friendly games run at 1500 pts. with pretty much basic rules.

I'm going to playtest some ideas gathered from all-knowledgeable senior members of LO and ATT, but first I'd like some grizzled veterans out there to take a look and judge my list.

Arright, let's start:
1. Shas'O - TL Flamer, Missile Pod, Iridium Armour, HW TargetLock, HW Drone Controller + 2 Shield Drones - 148 pts.
This buddy is integral part of firebase, providing firepower and some serious saves,
1. Fire Warriors - 6 Shas'la with pulse rifles - 60 pts.
Held in reserve and arrive as late as dice allows.
2. Kroot Squad - 10 Kroots, 2 Hounds - 112 pts.
Embark in Devilfish and provide support for Hellfire suits.
3. Kroot Squad - 17 Kroots, 5 Hounds, 2 Krootox - 189 pts.
Firebase. Tough and mean. Lots of ablative wounds, briliant Ld and some serious firepower.
1. XV-8 Crisis Team - 1 Fireknife+ Team Leader with HW Drone Controller, Marker Drone and Shield Drone, 1 Fireknife Shas'Ui - 184 pts.
They do what Fireknives do best.
2. XV-8 Crisis Team - 3 Hellfire Shas'ui (Twinlinked flamer, Missile Pod) - 129 pts.
Provide early anti-tank fire support and proceed to clear enemy objectives later on using fish as cover and LOS denial unit.
Fast Attack
1. Pathfinder Team - 6 Shas'La, Devilfish with Multitracker, Flechettes and DP - 177 pts.
No comments needed.
2. Piranha Team - 2 Piranhas, 2 Fusion Blasters, 2 DPs, 1 Flechette, 2 Seekers - 170 pts.
Used both as board control and AT unit aiming with their seekers for squishy side armour.
Heavy Support
1. Hammerhead - Railgun, Burst Cannons, Multitracker, DP - 165 pts.
2. Hammerhead - Railgun, Burst Cannons, Multitracker, DP - 165 pts.
AT and AP units.

Grand Total: 1500 pts.

Well, comments appreciated.