Howdy folks, so i'm eager to get back to DE (my first love back in 2nd) but i'm very concerned about how fragile our vehicles are so i'm trying to make an army with as few as possible, here's what have:


Baron Sathonyx - some points

Haemonculus - 90
venom blade


13 Hellions - 253 - the baron here
Helliarch w/t agoniser & PGL

12 Hellions - 237
Helliarch w/t agoniser & PGL

10 Hellions - 205
Helliarch w/t agoniser & PGL

4 wracks - 105 (haemonculus here)
Venom w/t Night shield


9 Reavers - 263
3 blasters, 1 cluster caltrop

Talos - 120
Heat lance
Chain flail

Talos - 120
Heat lance
Chain flail

TOTAL: 1498

General tactics: the wracks and haem in venom start on the board and i try very very hard to get them out of LOS of the enemy, if this works they move 12" forward, dismount 2" and plant a 3" portal, assuming a 12" deployment that's a portal 29" onto the board.

The rest of the force start in reserve and enter via the portal, the 12" move they have will hopefully put them within striking distance of a target, the hellions working with the anti tank units to put pain on anyone who losses their transport.

Advantages from what i see:
- most of my army SHOULD be able to avoid most of the enemy guns.
- Surprise! alot of fast moving units appearing in the middle of the board will put pressure on any opposing force.

- Very dependent on the dice gods with reserve rolls.
- NEEDS a piece of terrain to block LOS partly compensated for by the barons 'bones of the seer' rule
- ideally wants 1st turns again partly compensated for by the barons 'bones of the seer' rule

So what do you think? Will it work, will be torn to bits? All opinions good or bad welcomed!