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    Ork mech army help for the noob, 1000-2500 pts.

    Hi everybody.. im a new wargamer and have just recently joined the Waaagh!. i've compiled a 1000-2500 list, but want to check if it's any good. it's not a tourtament list, just for having fun. my main enemys will be IG and Eldar. I currently have 20 slugga boyz, a warboss, 5 nobs+gear, 3 Rokkit koptas, and 5 lootas(my favorite unit).

    1000 point-

    HQ- 1
    1 warboss 60 pts
    mega armour
    Total = 100 pts.

    1 big mek 35 pts
    Total = 85 pts

    Elites- 3
    8 lootas 120 pts

    3 mega nobz 120 pts

    Troops- 5
    5 nobs, one is pain boy 110 pts
    power klaw
    power klaw
    Waaagh! banner
    'Uge choppa
    'Uge choppa
    Total = 215 pts

    20 Slugga Boyz 120 pts
    1 nob
    w/ PK & bosspole
    1 big shoota
    1 big shoota
    Total = 170 pts

    10 Shoota boyz 60 pts
    1 nob
    w/ Bosspole
    1 big shoota
    Total = 80 pts

    Heavy Support- 8
    1 battle wagon 90 pts
    grot riggers
    armour plates
    deff rolla
    big shoota
    Total = 130 pts

    Total = 1000pts

    lootas and mega nobz + warboss ride in battlewagon.

    1500 points

    Troops- 10 shoota boyz w/7 60 pts
    1 power klaw
    1 big shoota
    Total = 80 pts

    Elites- 9
    5 burna boyz
    1 mek
    Total = 75 pts

    Fast attack- 10
    3 deff koptas 105 pts
    3 TL rokkit launcha
    3 buzz saw
    Total = 210 pts

    Heavy support-11
    3 killa kans
    3 grotzookas
    Total = 135 pts

    Total = 1500 pts.

    2000 points

    Elites- 5 burna boyz w/9 75 pts

    2 lootas w/3 30 pts

    Fast attack- 12
    2 rokkit buggies 70 pts
    red paint job
    red paint job
    Total = 80 pts

    19 stormboyz 228 pts
    Boss Zagstrukk
    Total = 313 pts

    Total- 1998 pts

    2500 points

    Troops- 10 sluggaboyz w/6 60 pts
    1 big shoota
    Total = 65 pts

    10 shoota boyz w/7 60 pts
    1 big shoota
    Total = 65 pts

    Elites- 5 loota boyz w/3 75 pts

    Fast attack- 1 Rokkitbuggie w/12 35 pts
    red paint job
    Total = 40 pts

    heavy support- 14
    3 killa kans 105 pts
    3 grotzookas
    grot riggers
    Total = 150 pts

    other kan squad gets grot riggers.

    Dedicated transport- 1 trukk w/ all upgrades ecxept rokkit launcha and stikkbomb chukka. 75 pts

    mega nobz all get scorchas- 15 pts.

    the mega nobz and warboss start off in trukk, and the other 5 nobz hop in battle wagon.

    Total = 2498 pts

    so.. yah.. any advice?

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    I'm just going to target the 1000 point list. I'd avoid playing any games of higher points, till you figure out what type of army you want to play first. Ork armies can be enormously varied, and jumping right into 2500 points can result in spending a ton of $$$ that you might never use, or hate playing with. Proxy and run smaller point battles for awhile until you get used to the units and find your play style.

    For the 1000 point game.

    Quick notes: Big shoota's on slugga boyz is not very useful. Slugga boyz will tend to run every round, and never stop to shoot. Shoota boyz on the other hand, will shoot and shoot and shoot...and thus having a big shoota on them is much more useful.

    Never take single vehicles as an ork player. You want to overkill a target. So one battle wagon will absorb the entirety of your enemies anti tank line...two he'll have to divide...three he's in big trouble!

    Loota's can't fire if the vehicle moves. Thus it's a major waste of a battlewagon (unless it's a massive point battle) to have a group of loota's sit in it.

    You've got too little boys. Drop one of the nob groups (most likely the painboy group). Use that groups points to add another battle wagon, and increase the group of 10 boyz to 20.

    I came up with something like this...

    3x Battle wagons
    grot riggers, armor plates, Big shoota on each. 2 have rams, 1 has deff rolla.

    2x 20 shoota boyz, with nob pk/bp

    3x MANZ + 1 KFF Big Mek with Burna/cybork/BP

    5x loota's

    Thats one possible combo....of course nothing is on the ground cept the loota's.

    Another combo would be...
    2x BW, Deff rolla, Grot, Armor plates, BS

    1x 20 slugga boyz, with nob pk/bp (in one BW)
    3x MAW 2nd BW
    1x Big Mek KFF 2nd BW

    1x 25 shoota boyz with 2 BS, + Nob PK/BP on ground
    2x 5 loota's on ground
    Last edited by greggles; December 9th, 2010 at 13:11.

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    *moved to the army list section*
    Spambot kill tally. . .337

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