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    400pt combat patrol DE list

    I have a CP tournament list coming up in february and I'm trying to put together a solid list I can use then. The rules are the same, except that instead of two wound max, we now have three wound max.

    The usual opponents I play against are:

    Player 1
    Necrons (warrior heavy with scarabs, spyders and a couple lords), Nids (ripper swarm)

    Player 2
    Chaos (bloodletters, horrors, bearers, masque, changeling, furies)

    Player 3
    Nids (gaunthorde, stealers, tervigon, a fex or two)

    Player 4
    IG (chimeras with a single hydra, russies, sentinels, vet spam)
    Wolves (thunderwolves, and power builds)
    5e Dark Eldar
    and any other army that's the newest and shiniest.


    This is my beta list:

    10 warriors
    Splinter cannon

    10 hellions

    4 reavers

    What do you guys think? is it solid? needs revision? or should I start over?

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    I feel like the 10 warriors footslogging will be to slow for this list, since they are 1/4th of your army list your hellions and reavers will out distance the warriors and probably get shot to pieces on their way in. If you could find a way to get those warriors on a raider (or drop the unit size and make it a venom, even without the 2nd splinter cannon on it) I think the list will be more effective.

    Why not break the hellions into 2 groups of 5? I'm not sure how they perform since i have not used them yet but i would think it will be hard geting a unit of 10 into cover.

    the DE are a fast horde army and it is kind of hard to horde at 400 points. you have to make sure your entire army hits at the same time
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    If I were doing a combat patrol it would look something like this:

    5 Trueborn Kabalites-185 pts
    2w/Blasters, 2w/Splintercannons
    Venom w/2 Splintercannons, ff, & ns

    6 Mandrakes w/Nightfiend-100 pts

    2 Beastmaster-114 pts
    -w/5 Khymera & 2 Razorwing Flocks

    Total: 399 pts

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    I'm thinking
    1 Haemonculi with Liquifier
    2 Squads of warriors
    1 Talos
    2 Beastmasters and 2 Clawed fiends or Razorwing flocks

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