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    Karrot Dialysis karantalsis's Avatar
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    1500 Competetive Wracks and Gunboats

    I've been play testing a few lists, but have only got a few players to regularly test against (Space Wolves, Orks, Tyranids and Tau). I'll be taking one of these lists to the Throne of Skulls in January and would like peoples comments as to what they think the weaknesses of each are and any ideas to counter them.

    Links to other lists:

    Assault Army

    1500 Competetive Wracks and Gunboats List


    Haemonculus Ancient 135 pts
    Huskblade, Soultrap, Vexator Mask


    9 Mandrakes 145 pts


    10 Wracks 220 pts (x2) 440 pts
    2 Liquifier Guns
    Acothyst, Agoniser
    Raider, Flicker Field

    10 Kabalite Warriors 195 pts
    Blaster, Splinter Cannon
    Raider, Flicker Field

    9 Kabalite Warriors 176 pts
    Raider, Flicker Field

    Fast Attack

    6 Scourges 191 pts (x2) 382 pts
    2 Heat Lances
    Solarite, Blast Pistol



    The Haemonculi rides with the smaller Warrior squad

    The Mandrakes outflank to go after artillery emplacements

    The Warriors and Wracks close with the enemy, staying on the transports, to rapid fire/flame them.

    Scourges deepstrike (against MEQ/Mech) to allow them to atake out vehicles or trouble squads.

    The haemonculus will try to join the Mandrakes wehn they arrive (assuming his raider has made it accross to where I am bringing them on) allowing them to Balefire early.

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    Orks_n_Bugs Bugs_n_Orks's Avatar
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    I don't see the point of the haemie ancient or his equipment. He doesn't have the WS or I to take on most IC's, and against most MC's if he doesn't roll a lucky 6 to wound he's dead meat since he doesn't have a 2++ back-up plan like most archons. I'd probably demote him to a normal Haemie with an agonizer and liquifier gun. Alternatively if you made room for them in the Wrack raiders you would have the points for 2 of these and then your Wracks would have some serious CC bite (2 agonizers and FC to start the game with).

    I also am not a fan of mandrakes but it seems like you have a plan for them so go for it.

    The scourges are interesting but for their points you could have 3 ravagers (with retrofire jets if you're intent on DSing) which provide much more reliable anti tank. It's less creative but much more competitive.
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