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Thread: 500 Casual Army

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    500 Casual Army

    Tervigon- 160

    5x Genestealers- 70
    5x Genestealers- 80
    With scything talons

    3x Shrike Warriors- 130
    2 Deathspitters and Venom cannon

    10x Gargoyles- 60

    I figured starting with the shrikes and gargoyles on my table edge and just moving them up with the tervigon, I would infiltrate the genes. The idea is to give my enemy to many targets rather than just one or the mass thats coming toward them. Let me know what ya think, comments, ideas, and criticism welcome. Thanks

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    Just a couple of things:
    - I wouldn't suggest a big monster for your HQ in a 500 point game. Maybe if you replace it with a Tyranid Prime, that means that you could have bigger broods of Genestealers.
    - Another reason why you don't have a Tervigon as your only HQ is because once it stops spawning Termagants, it is pretty much useless for the rest of the game.
    - You also seem to have quite a fast moving force. Another reason why the Tervigon is out of place. Maybe if you want to keep with this kind of thing going then replace the Tervigon with a Parasite of Mortrex for the same cost.

    Hope this helps.

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    The parasite is absolute rubbish, dont go there.

    Your genestealers are absolutly useless, you need broods of 8 minimum, 10 is better. You dont want them with tallons on either, drop those.

    Drop the tervigon down to a prime with lashwhips and boneswords and adrenal glands, use the points saved to get more genestealers.

    Also axe the shrikes down to regular warriors, give them rending. The prime would do here.

    Finally lose the gargolyes for a hive guard. You need SOME sort of anti tank.
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