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    1500 necron list vs orks

    ok playing against orks again and trying something a bit different.

    lord 100pts
    destroyer body 30pts
    warscythe 10pts

    7x immortals 196pts
    7x immortals 196pts

    10x warriors 180pts
    10x warriors 180pts

    heavy support
    monolith 235pts

    fast attack
    6x scarbs with DF 96pts
    5x destroyers 250pts

    total 1473

    I have a few points to spare not sure what to spend it on. lord and scarabs go after his tanks, my immortals fire at the brunt of his army and take it down a size. one squad of warriors in reserve and will come through the lith to do some deadly damage. other warriors stay far away and not get anywhere combat (because orks will PO me if I get into combat) destroyers just go on the wing and take him down a size (destroyers have been very effective against orks before only problem is I cant get any more in in this list) hopefully he will fire at my lith and not my immortals so i can take out more people. he's very afraid of my lith so he probably will fire at it.
    criticism is accepted and any suggestions to get more destroyers in without taking out immortals would be great. thanks in advance.

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    I would remove the destroyer body and warscythe, against a melee army you don't want the lord exposed by himself. That would get you another destroyer, 2 squads of three, and they can turbo to the flanks while using the scarabs as a charge barrier and hit the exposed tanksfrom the side/rear. More than good enough to take tanks down.
    Also versing a melee army D-fields on scarabs are just costly and they would get killed in melee pretty easily. I'd drop the D-fields and one scarab to get gaze of flame and lightning field on the lord and place him with the squad of immortals to keep them alive longer.
    Also the monolith is more than capable of killing tanks, if its not in range, just deepstrike and gauss flux on half the army at the same time.

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