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Thread: 2250 Bugs

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    2250 Bugs

    Still trying to wrap my head around Nids, which are a very different playstyle from what I am used to. I apreciate any feedback you can give me

    Tyrant: Whip/Sword, Glands/Regen/Sacs, Armored Shell, Hive Command, leech/parox
    Tyrant Guard x3

    Tervigon: Crushing Claws, Glands/Regen/Sacs, Catalyst, Counts as Troop
    Tervigon: Crushing Claws, Glands/Regen/Sacs, Catalyst, Counts as Troop

    Termagaunts: x20, Devourers
    Mycetic Spore: TL Deathspitter

    Termagaunts: x20, Devourers
    Mycetic Spore: TL Deathspitter

    Venomthrope x3

    Doom of Malantai
    Mycetic Spore: TL Deathspitter

    Trygon: Regeneration
    Trygon: Regeneration

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    Anti tank: you have none. With that being said there is a LOT you can trim out to improve this list.

    For a start drop every single regen you have, its not worth it and its insanly expensive. You need those points.

    Next NEVER put glands on anything S6 or higher, it makes you LESS likly to wound anything T4, which is never a good thing seeing as how common that is.

    Armoured shell is worthless, drop it. Also the glands need to go too. Your only going to need 2 Tyrant guard, so drop one. The get yourself old adversary and 2 TL devourers.

    Tervigons need to lose crushing claws (never kit them up for CC) and could ideally do with some more guant buddies, but more on that later.

    Venomthropes are good, but they or the doom NEED to go. Considering your list, id say the doom.

    Trygons are good, but as stated, lose regen.

    So with that in mind, the first thing you need to do if buff your anti tank by a hell of a lot. Currently you dont have any, so thats going to cause problems. First things first, get yourself 2 x 3 hive guard broods. That should help queit a bit

    Next, drop one of your devourer broods and reduce the other down to 15. Then you'll need 2 lots of 30 guants. These run with the tervigons.

    Then its really up to you. In an ideal world id say get more anti tank still (dropping the Trygons in exchange for Tyrannofex's might be a good idea), but its up to you. Depends on how competitive (read: mech) your local gaming set is.
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