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    1850 vs Tyranids

    So i have an upcoming game against a friend of mine who plays Nids and who always beats me. This list is something I've been thinking about pitting him against and I believe it will do well against his slower moving army:

    Lord with Res Orb - 140
    Deceiver - 300

    3x 10 Warriors - 540

    2x 4 Destroyers - 400

    2x Monoliths - 470

    His list is something like this:

    Hive Tyrant without wings and with a heavy venom cannon
    Tyranid Prime with lash whip, scything talons
    2x Hive Guard

    4ish squads of Termigaunts

    1 squad of Gargoyles

    2 Carnifex

    My idea, is to keep my main phalanx and the Deceiver, behind the monoliths which will be moving together as a sort of wall, and of course have the Destroyers swooping around and taking shots at his larger units. He'll be forced to try to move around the Monoliths to get at my main phalanx, which will be met with the Deceiver and some eagerly waiting Warriors to double tap his units.

    World Eaters: W-47 D-10 L-9
    Necrons: W-19 D-3 L-2
    Protectorate of Menoth: W-36 D-0 L-7

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    I think you can beat his list, since the MCs can be countered with the deceiver and the small annoying bugs can be easily slaughtered with 84 gauss shots and 2 S9 ORdnance blasts.

    How many models has each gant-gargoyle squad?
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    Let me begin by saying that if this is indeed the list that your opponent is taking, than you really shouldn't have any trouble in annihilating it. There is no balance to the list, and his HQs are severely underhanded and exposed. If you can exploit this, this will cripple his synpase system, as the only models capable of keeping the brood together are the Tyrant, Prime and Tervigon, and each are to their own. This way you can utilise your Deceiver to full effect by using his Deceive ability to send the lesser minions running, and the Dread ability on the Carnifex for if you have to handle them up close.

    Now as to your list. As you know, with Cron lists there really much detail that we can go into with them at the moment. I will say though, that I doubt you possess the grunt and the firepower to be able to topple the Carnifexes AND the Hive Tyrant. While the Monoliths could do it, I feel that the Gargoyles are going to pose more of a distraction for you, and they will attempt to break your phalanx. But this leaves them open for a counterattack, and the Monoliths should be covering the rest of your units. Therefore, perhaps you might like to put a Warscythe on the Lord, in case your shooting fails? I know that there is no way that you can get rid of your Destroyers, but under these circumstances, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to include one or two Heavy Destroyers, solely for the purpose of breaking the synapse link. This should be your number one priority, so as you can hold there advance, and finish them off piece by piece when they do falter.

    But anyways, good luck, and let us know how you go.

    Good Hunting.
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